Galena is a lead(II) sulfide mineral with a chemical composition of PbS. It is the world's primary ore of lead and an important source of silver.
Galena is mined from a large number of deposits in many countries. It is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks in medium- to low-temperature hydrothermal veins. Galena is very easy to identify. Freshly broken pieces exhibit perfect cleavage in three directions that intersect at 90 degrees. It has a distinct silver color and a bright metallic luster. Galena tarnishes to a dull gray. Because lead is a primary element in galena.

The weight of this piece of Galena is about (35.76 gr) and its available to order and can be shipped anywhere in the world.
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Amman, Jewelry, $ 197 / Galena (lead glance)