Come work as a SOFTWARE ENGINEER in a growing IT company that offers great benefits with opportunities to advance, learn and earn alongside the upcoming business platform.

The Company:
Emerging IT Company with a lot of potential towards the business and the services which we provide. We offer great support for our employees to accomplish their work and for the credibility of the company.

About Us:
We would like to recruit Young, Talented, and Smart individuals for SOFTWARE ENGINEER to our firm. The innovation of new products and services will be our priority and works will be related to that. Applicants are requested to submit their past Work Summary (if any) and their Project works which they have done at the time of their Academic period or after.

Job Requirements:
Few important requirements that applicants have to take care of are,

● Minimum 2-3 years of experience
● Experienced in developing Java, C#, ASP.NET MVC 3+, Web applications
● VS2010+, Netbeans
● SQL Server 2012, MySQL
● Knowledge and Experience on DB concepts and RDBMS
● Previous job reference if any
● Details of Projects done at the time of Academic period or after.
● Young innovative mind with lots of potential and passion towards Job.

Why Should You Apply?
● Great pay.
● Excellent benefits.
● Excellent growth and advancement opportunities
● 6- days work period per week



Head of Corporate Sales

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