Apartments for Rent Al-Madinah

  1. SAR 2200/month, 2 BR, Fully Furnished 2 BHK Flat
  1. SAR 1700/month, Furnished, 2 BR, 1 Sq. Meter, Furnished 3BR, 3BHK Furnished Apartment For Rent
    Near Sabah Masajid
  1. Sar 1000/month, Furnished, 2 BR, 2 BR For SAR1000 Monthly..SULTANA ROAD - (1000 monthly 2 big Rooms on Rent)
  1. SAR 2000/month, Furnished, 3 BR, FLATE MATE ONLY FAMILY PAKISTANI - (Alaskan Madinah)
  1. JOD 20000/year, 2 BR, 5500 For 3 Months 2 Bhk Flate Al Wizarat - (Al wizarat)

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