Rooms for Rent Salamah

  1. SAR 480/month, 44 Sq. Meter, Room For Rent
    JESB3671, 3671 Abdul Rahman Shukri, 6589, As Salam
  1. SAR 800/month, One Vacant Room With Bathroom ( Room Available This 1st Week Of March) Only Filipino Singl - (Ash shahini st. Herra al salamah district)
  2. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Semi Furnished Single Room Available For Indian Bachelor
    Salamah (Salama Yamama walk way )
  1. SAR 800/month, Separate Room For Single Parent With A Kid / Only Female / Al Salamah 1 - (Jeddah)
  2. SAR 800/month, A Spacious Separate Room For A Working Lady
    Jeaddah - Al Salamah
  1. Furnished, Single Big Room With Attached Toilet In A Nice Building Near Yamamah Walkway, Salamah - (Jeddah, Al Salamah Near Yamamah Walkway)
  2. SAR 500/month, Room Available For Rent (Indian/Bengali Only)
  1. SAR 850/month, I Have One Single Room Available In My Four Room Apartment - (As Salamah)
  1. SAR 1000/month, Room For Indian Or Pakistani Muslim Brother - (salamah jeddah)
  1. SAR 1000/month, I Am Offering One Room For Rent 1000 Excluding Electricity
  1. SAR 1000/month, Flat Sharing With Executive/official Bachelor - (Near from Quresh St. Saudi Post)
  1. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Spacious Single Room Available With Seperate Washroom
    As Salamah , Near Yamamah Walkway

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