Saturday, February 27, 2021
  1. PHP 132000000, 826 Sq. Meter - Office Space With 12 Parking Slots For Sale At Antel Global Corporate Center
    Pasig City
  2. Property Online Philippines - (29/F Penthouse, World Plaza, 5th Ave Corner 30th S)
  3. PHP 198000000, 1079 Sq. Meter - Commercial Bldg For Sale In Manila With Income - RUSH SALE !!
    Pedro Gil, Paco Manila
  1. Party Venue Manila; World Trade Center
  2. Motel And Private Resort For Lease
    Calamba, Laguna
  3. PHP 128000000, 1500 Sq. Meter - 3 Star Hotel in Tagaytay City - Rush Sale !!
    Tagaytay City

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