Apartments for Rent Olaya

  1. North of Riyadh , King Fahad District
  1. SAR 2200/month, 1 BR, Executive Batchelor Room
  2. SAR 2500/month, 1 BR, Single Room With Sharing Bathroom And Hall For A Single Executive Bachelor - (Near to Carawan Fahad Hotel, Olaya Street)
  1. SAR 5500/month, 1 BR, Fully Furnished Apartment In An Excellent Location For Monthly Rent - Flash Sales
    OLAYA (near Ministry of Interior)
    Takhassousi Riyadh
  1. SAR 3000/month, Furnished, Studio, Single Room For Executive Bachelor - Behind Damac Tower / Opposite Olaya, Kingdom Tower - (opposite kingdom tower / behind damac)
  2. SAR 3000/month, 2 BR, 2 Sq. Meter, SAR 3000/month , Furnished, 2 BR, SR 3000 /month,
    Riyadh- Olaya 30, Near Faisaliya Tower and Moosa c
  1. SAR 12000/year, 1 BR, Apartment Studio Riyadh Olaya Street - (olaya street)
  1. SAR 1/day, 1 BR, Electrician Plumber
  2. SAR 24000/year, 1 BR, 1BHK Apartment (villa Portion) First Floor - (Olaya area near KFMC and Opposite to Computer Mark)
  1. SAR 2500/month, 1 BR, 1 Room Fully Furnished For Rent In Well Maintained Apartment
  1. SAR 9000/year, 2 BR, 1 Single Available For Kerala Bachelor, Olaya, Near Computer Souk
  2. SAR 2500080000/year, 6 BR, 234 Sq. Meter, Family Flats And Villa's Rent - (Hara ,Malaz ,Sulemaniya, Olaya Riyadh)
  3. SAR 48000/year, 3 BR, 3 BHK Family - (Olaya Street (Wurood District))
  1. Studio, House For Rent Bed Spicy
  1. SAR 25000/year, Furnished, 1 BR, 25 Sq. Meter, Brand New Renovated Studio Apartment
  2. Studio, South Indian Cook Available Mallu - (Olaya, Sulaimaniya areas)
  1. SAR 118000/year, 5 BR, Brand New Ground Floor Portion For Rent For 118,000 Per Year
  1. SAR 1900/month, Furnished, Studio, Fully Furnished Executive Bachelor Room For Rent
  1. SAR 1500/month, 3 BR, SAR 1500/month, Spacious Room For Executive Bachelor In A Furnished Appartment
    Olaya (Near to Aloft & Red Onion Hotel Computer Ma
  1. SAR 2000/month, Furnished, Studio, Furnished Room Available For Executive Bachelor
  1. SAR 300/month, 1 BR, 2 Bed Space - (Olaya Faisalia tower Riyadh)
  1. 1 BR, Housing Apartment 1BHK - (Uruba Street,Near Olaya)
  1. SAR 3000/month, Furnished, 1 BR, Furnished Room Apartment
    Olaya - Beside the Ministry of Interior
  1. SAR 1300/month, 1 BR, Studio Apartment Olaya Riyadh - (riyadh)
  1. SAR 2500/month, Furnished, 1 BR, Single Executive Bachelor Only Indian - (olaya)
  1. SAR 42000/year, 3 BR, Flat For Rent For Filipinos
    Opp. King Fahad Medical city gate 2 near Meed Supe
  2. SAR 45000/year, 3 BR, Large Apartment In Olaya Just Renovated Close To Altahlia And Amenities Only 45000 Riyals
    Very good location walking distance from Military
  1. SAR 6500/month, Furnished, 3 BR, 3 Bhk Very Big Furnished Family Flat For Rent
    Exactly back side of Al Murabba Avenue mall LULU
  2. SAR 18000/year, Studio, I Have Multiple Apartments For Rent - (Malaz, worood, olaya, jarir, sulamaniya)
  1. Studio, SAR18,000/1BHK/ Ground Floor Near Kingdom Tower - (Olaya, Riyadh)
  2. Studio, SAR45-50K - Ground Floor Portion- Family Flat Available Near Kingdom Tower - (Olaya, Riyadh)
  1. SAR 32000/year, 1 BR, For Rent Apartment In Olaya District In A Very Special Location Close To The Computer Mar
  1. SAR 3000/month, Furnished, 2 BR, 600 Sq. Meter, 3000/month 1 BR Apartment Sharing With Indian Bachelor Olayaa Downtown - (Riyadh)
  1. SAR 1/month, Studio, We Are Doing Electrician & Paint Work - (electrician & paint work)

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