Housing Wanted Riffa

  1. BHD 35/year, Bed Spece Available For 35 Bd With Ewa - East Riffa (riffa bukwara ,road no 1315(near ahli bank )) - bedspace wanted
  1. Furnished, Bedspace Available For Single Lady - East Riffa (East Riffa Near Nesto) - bedspace wanted
  1. BHD 4050/month, Furnished, 168 Sq. Feet, Bed Space Two Person Room - bedspace wanted
  1. BHD 140/month, 1 BR, Looking For 1bhk Flat For Family - West Riffa (West riffa) - apts/flats/houses/villas wanted
  1. BHD 90/month, 1 BR, Room For Rent 90 Bd - East Riffa (flat) - apts/flats/houses/villas wanted
  1. BHD 120/month, 1 BR, Room For Rent
    East Riffa
    flat for rent east riffa hajiyat 120 with ewa cal
    apts/flats/houses/villas wanted
  1. 1 BR, 130 BD With EWa - (Riffa post office Back side) - apts/flats/houses/villas wanted
  2. BHD 130/month, 1 BR, 1BR With EWa Unlimited,Riffa Post Office Back Side - (Riffa post office Back side,) - apts/flats/houses/villas wanted
  3. BHD 100/year, 1 BR, 1 BHK 100 BD With Out EWA. - East Riffa (Sakeel Trading Front side, East Riffa) - apts/flats/houses/villas wanted
  4. BHD 140/year, 2 BR, BHK 2 Flat. 140 BD Without Ewa - East Riffa (IMC Medical Centre Front Building, East Riffa) - apts/flats/houses/villas wanted
  1. Need A Furnished Room With Attached Bathroom - rooms wanted
  1. BHD 4050/month, Furnished, Looking For Bed Space For Ladies - bedspace wanted
  1. BHD 70/month, I Am Looking For Flate Partner - East Riffa - rooms wanted
  1. BHD 60/undefined, SINGLE ROOM AVAILABLE IN MY FLAT FOR 60 BD - East Riffa (NEAR IMC HOSPITAL ,/ NEAR OVER BRIDGE) - rooms wanted
  1. BHD 60/month, 1 BR, BHD 60/month, Single Room For Rent In 2 BHK
    apts/flats/houses/villas wanted

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