Bedspace Wanted Riyadh

  1. SAR 250300/month, Need Bed Space - Al Malaz (I want bed space hara malaz)
  2. Need Bed Space In Sulaimania From June - Al Sulaymaniyyah
  3. I Want Bed Space In Olaya - Olaya
  1. SAR 400/month, Keralaite,looking For A Bedspace For 2 Months - Al Batha
  2. SAR 342/month, Bed Space Available Only Bangladesi - Olaya (Ishara Tahliya, Olaya - takasusi middle point)
  1. I Am Looking For A Room Or Bed Space - Al Iskan (iskan area)
  2. SAR 750800/month, I Am From India Looking For Bedspace Or Room, Furnished Or Semi Furnished - Sulai (Hara, malaz, wizarat, sulaimaniyah, Zahra, dhubbat)
  1. SAR 700/month, ROOM - (Al Munisiya)
  2. Furnished, Hi, I'm Looking For A Bedspace Room With Furnished, Preferred Hyderabad Roommates - Al Yasmin (Near Al Yamin)
  3. I Need Bedspace For One Person - Hara (Hara OR Murabba)
  4. Looking For 1 Separate Room - (shamesi)
  1. I Am Looking For A Room/bedspace - Al Malaz
  2. Need Bed Space Raka Qurta - (Raka)
  3. SAR 375/month, Bed Space Available For Keralite Muslim Or Mangalorean - (Two Bedspace available batchlor flat- Sultanah or )
  4. SAR 700/month, Looking For Separate Room - Hara
  5. SAR 450/month, Available Two Bed Place - (exit 8 near welcome hotel)
  1. SAR 50/day, ▼ Fully Furnished SHARING Room For Single MUSLIM Bachelor-Prefer IND/PAK. - Hara (HARA ▼▲▼)
  2. SAR 800/month, Furnished, I Am Looking For Small Room Or Bad Space - Al Aqeeq ((Al aqeeq, Riyadh ) near fitness gym ***)
  1. Room / Bedspace Wanted - Al Yasmin (I am a bachelor working as an accountant in compan)
  1. SAR 500/month, Looking For A Bedspace In Riyadh City
  1. Bedspace Needed
  1. Looking For A Decent Bedspace / Single Room Near By Kingdom Tower. Please Whatsapp
  1. Furnished, Required Bachelor Bed Space Near To Jax District, Diriyah (call 0509039839) - Ad Diriyah (Near to Jax district - Diriyah)
  2. Looking For Bed Space/room, Umm Al Hamam, Irqah, Riyadh 0534937264 - Umm Al Hamam (Irqah, Umm Al Hamam)
  1. Looking For Bed Spce- Al Batha - Al Batha
  1. SAR 500/month, I Am Looking For Bed Space. Urgent Needed - (As Sahafa District Near Abdul Aziz Road)
  2. SAR 500/month, Urgently Looking For Bedspace - Olaya (or nearby locations like Hara)
  1. Furnished, Bedspace - Ad Diriyah (Room Specification: • AC, Freezer, & Water D)
  1. SAR 500800/month, Furnished, I Am Looking For A Room Or Bed Space. For Pakistanis - Al Malaz (Rabwah Plaza)
  1. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Furnished Bed Space For SAR 500/month (Pakistani National – Marketing Professional) - Olaya (Wizarat, Hara, Malaz, Batha, Olaya)
  1. SAR 250/month, Two Bed Space And Single Room - (Khobar -Shamaliya Or Rakha area is looking.)
  2. Looking For Room Or Bed Space - (Aqiq / Malqa / Exit 4 / aqeeq / kafd)
  1. SAR 1200/month, Required Room For 3 Bachelor's.
  2. Shared Room/ Bed Space Wanted. - Al Malqa (An Narjis, Al Aqiq, Al Malqa, Hara, Yasmin)
  3. SAR 380/month, Bed Space Available - Hara (Riyadh alnaseem algharbi shara arbaeen)
  1. Looking For A Bedspace Or Room Near The As-Sahafah Area. Riyadh - Olaya (al sahafa)
  2. Bedspace Wanted - Umm Al Hamam (Al Urubah Road)
  3. I'm Looking For Bed Space - (Yarmuk, Rimal Near Airport.)
  1. SAR 500/month, Need Bed Space (Olaya Tawuniya Tower ) - Olaya (Riyadh Olaya)
  2. SAR 300/month, Looking For Bedspace - Al Malaz (Lulu Malaz)
  3. SAR 500/month, Bedspace/Room Wanted In Malaz - (I am looking for a room/bed space in malaz area Pl)
  1. SAR 1/year, Looking For Bed Space-Room - (as sahafa-al yasmeen-almoruj)
  2. SAR 500/month, Furnished, I Looking Urgent Urgent Need Bedspace Or Room Share In Hara Full Furnish With All Amenitie - Hara (Hara, Al Wizarat park, Marriott Hotel Back Side Ar)
  1. SAR 500600/month, Furnished, I Looking Bedspace Urgent Urgent Need With Full Furnish Amenities Including Kicthen - Hara (Hara, Marriot hotel back side, tissue Signal, al w)
  2. I Am Looking For A Bed Space In Exit 8 From 15th Of May 2024 - (Qurtubah, Qirnadha)
  3. SAR 300/month, Furnished, Needs Bedspace - Umm Al Hamam (hara)
  1. Looking For A Roommate For Taking A Room - Al Aqeeq
  2. SAR 800/month, I Need Sharing Bed Space In Al Shahafah. - (Al Shahafah)
  3. SAR 500550/month, Furnished, I Am Looking Bed Space Near Marriott Hotel & Back Side - (Marriott near area)
  4. SAR 1000/month, I Am Looking For A Room Or Bedspace In Al Malqa Or Al Aqiq Or Hittin - Al Malqa (Al malqa)
  1. 400/month, Furnished, Looking For Bedspace - Near Takasusi Street Or Panorama Mall - (panorama mall or takasusi street)
  2. SAR 350500/month, Furnished, Need Clean Bed Space For Sar 350 - 500 - Hara (Riyad, Hara)
  1. SAR 250/month, Looking Bed Space For 3 Months
  2. Need A Room/bed Space
  1. SAR 250/month, Bed Space Available For Bachelors. Prefered Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi People - Al Shemaysi (Shameshi near petrol pump)
  2. Furnished, Bedspace Needed In Riyadh
  1. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Urgent Need Bed Space With Furnish All Amenities Including Kicthen & Separate Bath Room - Hara (Hara, Al Wizarat and Al Malaz near al wizarat)
  1. SAR 500900/month, Looking For A Bedspace Near An Narjis Or Al Yasmin Area - Al Yasmin (An Narjis, Al Yasmin)
  2. SAR 400500/month, Furnished, Urgent Looking Bed Space Furnish Room With All Amenities - Hara (Al Malaz / Al wizarat / Near Riyadh Marriott)
  3. SAR 1000/month, Sharing Accommodation Required - (Malaz or nearby areas preferred)
  1. SAR 500/month, Needed Bedspace For 2 Mallu Bachelor's In Al Batha, Shemaysi, Olaya, Sulaimaniyyah. - Al Batha
  1. SAR 500800/month, Looking For Bedspace Near An Narjis Or Al Yasmin Area - Al Yasmin
  1. SAR 500800/month, Looking For A Bedspace In An Narjis Or Al Yasmin Area - Al Yasmin
  1. SAR 400/year, I'm Looking For A Bed Space In Olaya - Olaya
  1. SAR 300/month, I Am Looking For Bed Space - Al Malaz (Al malaz)
  1. Furnished, Need An Accommodation In Sulaymaniyah, Riyadh - (I need a bed space in Sulaymaniyah or near by area)
  2. SAR 600/month, Looking 2 Rooms For 2 Persons - Hara (As Salai, Al malaz, Al Naseem)
  1. SAR 1/month, Wanted Bed Space - Umm Al Hamam (noon medical center)
  1. Bed Space Or Room - Al Aziziyyah (near metro depot in south)
  2. Looking For Bedspace- Indian-keralite - (Al Narjis/An Narjis)
  1. SAR 300/month, I Am Looking For A Bed Space, Please Contact Me 0591378730 - Sulai (Riyadh Sulai, Fayha)
  2. I'm Looking For A Bed Space For 10 Days - Hara (I'm looking for a bed space for 10 days)
  1. SAR 1/month, 2 Bed Space Needed For 10 Days (from 28th March) - (Batha)
  1. SAR 600/month, Furnished, Need Bed Space - King Abdullah Financial District (Riyadh haara)
  2. I Need A Neat And Clean Bed Space Or Single Room - (Batha Gurabi street or near Douriyath or Embassy s)
  3. SAR 100/month, Furnished, I'm From Pakistan Looking For A Bedspace In Riyadh..... Anyone
  1. Looking For A Bed Space. - Al Malqa (Al Aarid, Al Malqa, Al Aqeeq or near area.)
  1. SAR 500/month, Bed Space Required
  2. SAR 250/month, Need Bedspace For 2 Months Only
  1. SAR 250350/month, Furnished, Wanted Bed Space In Batha Riyad. Kerala Person For One Month.
  2. Looking For Bad Space - (umulham)
  3. Kerala / Bedspace/BHK- [Al Urayj / Diplomatic Quarter / Al Maather /Al Mahdiyah / Al Khuz - Al Mahdiyah (Al Urayj / Diplomatic quarter / Al Maather /Al mah)
  4. SAR 500/month, Bedspace Or Room Required - (MUZAMIYAH / URAYJA / DAHRAT LABAN / TUWAIQ)
  1. SAR 600/month, Required Bed Space _------3264 Ibrahim Al Burhan, Al NADWA, AN NAZIM, Al JANADRIYA , - (3264 Ibrahim Al Burhan, Al NADWA, AN NAZIM, Al J)

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