Rooms for Rent Riyadh

Thursday, December 01, 2022
  1. SAR 1200/month, Furnished, Family Apartment Available For 3 Months Or 6 Months Or 1 Year - (Utaiqah)
  2. SAR 3500/month, Bachelor Room Available (3500/ 6 Months) - Hara (Hai Al Wazarath)
  3. SAR 585/month, Room For Rent In Olaya - Olaya
  1. SAR 650/month, Furnished, One Decent Room Available
    Hara / Riyadh/ Saudi Arabia
  3. SAR 2000/month, Furnished, Independent Furnished Room For Working Executives Single - Short Term / Long Term
    Sulemania /Wurud Dist, Vicinity of Kingdom Tower
  4. SAR 5000/month, 1 Big Room With Seperate Washroom In Family Building Only Indians - Hara (Hara back side of Mumtaz hotel)
  5. SAR 5000/month, 1 Big Room On 1st Floor Family Building Only Indians Saperate Washroom. - Hara (Hara, Back side of Naigra Reastaurant)
  6. SAR 5000/month, 1 Big Room In Family Building 1st Floor Seperate Washroom Only Indians - Hara (Hara Back Side of Niagra Restaurent (Family Buildi)
  7. SAR 2500/month, Lux Double Room In Western Shared Apt
  8. SAR 900/month, Spacious Bedroom For Rent - Hara (Jeddah, Safa District- Behind Al Haram Shopping Ce)
  9. SAR 900/month, Independent Big Room For Executive Bachelor - Indian
    Al Malaz
    Al Malaz, Near Obeid Hospital- Farzdaq Street
  1. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, I Am Offering Furnished Room For Bachelor. (1000 SAR) - (Al-Malaz)
  2. 1 Room With Seperate Bathroom - Neat & Clean
    Al Iskan
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
  1. SAR 1400/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished Room For Rent In 2 BR Apartment
  2. SAR 2200/month, Furnished, Two Well Furnished Rooms,hall And Kitchen On RENT - Hara (Jeddah, Safa District- Behind Al Haram Shopping Ce)
  3. SAR 650/month, Single Room Available For 6 Months With Ac For Keralaites - Hara (Hara near ramada hotel)
  4. SAR 1200/month, One Bedroom Fully Firnished With Kitchen And Bathroom For Two Months For Executive Bachelor
    Hara hayal wazarat
  1. SAR 700/month, Separate Room With Attached Bathroom - (Al Nahdah , Behind Khuraish Lulu)
  2. SAR 3000/month, Room For Rent For Filipino Bachelor
  3. SAR 850/month, SAR 850/Month, 2 BR, 1 Room For A Single Executive Bachelor - (Al Izdihar Exit 7)
  4. SAR 750/month, Furnished, Complete Furnished Room 750per Month - Hara (Riyadh - Hara)
  5. SAR 650/month, Furnished, 650 SR Sep Bachelor Room For 1 Person, EX-30 Khuraish Road. Near Mod Middle East School
  6. SAR 3800/month, Bachelor Room Available (3500/ 6 Months) - Hara (Hai Al Wazarath)
  7. SAR 1200 / Month - Semi-Furnished Bedroom For Single Executive Person In A Family Flat
    Qurtubah - Exit 8
  8. SAR 450/month, Furnished, ഫുൾ ഫർണിഷ് Bed Space For Keralites - (Dabab Street Near Washem bridge, Murabba)
  9. SAR 1000/month, Big Room Available/1000 SAR Per Month/Ar Rimal Near Airport KKIA - (Ar Riaml, Near Airport KKIA)
  10. SAR 5000/month, 5000 Sar /6months Two Executive Bactchlors Big Room For Room Flat Iskan,industrial City2 - (Iskan-1,near industrialcity-2,Riyadh)
  11. SAR 5000/month, 5000 Sar /6months Two Executive Indian Batchlors One Big Room For Rent In Flat Iskan - Al Iskan (Iskan-1,Riyadh)
  12. SAR 400/month, Room Available For Keralites - (Near Jareer Panda, Malaz)
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
  1. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, In Family Flat One Big Seperate Room Available - Al Aqeeq (Near To Aqeeq Park)
  2. SAR 500/month, Room Available For Rent With Attached Bath - (Near ABC CARGO, Thulam, Riyadh)
  3. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Big Room Available
    Al shamacy new
  4. SAR 1000/month, Furnished Executive Room For Rent - (Ghirnatah, Exit 8)
  5. SAR 1500/year, 180 Sq. Feet, One Room Available For Rent. Only 1500 For 6 Month - (Umm salim shamaisy)
  6. SAR 1650/month, Neat And Clean Spacious Room, With A Separate Washroom For Indian Family
    Al Malaz
    Near Othaim Market, Forces Security Hospital, Behi
    OPP : PICNIC restaurant ,hara
  8. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Full Furnished Single Room For Bachelor(preferred Keralite Or Tamilian) In A Family Flat - Hara (hara,riyadh)
  9. SAR 1100/month, SAR 1100/month, Furnished Bedroom For Single Executive Person In Family Flat- HARA
    Backside of Ameen bakala supermarket(Tele Money)
  10. SAR 750/month, Pasalo 1 Room Imam Shafi Exit 13 - (Imam shafi street exit 14 near yamamah hospital)
  12. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Furnished Room For Bachler
    Riyadh Malaz
  13. SAR 2000/year, Furnished, Bedspace Available
  14. SAR 600/month, Room For Rent - (Nahda, near Dana Compound)
  15. SAR 8000/year, One Room With Bath Behind Hayat National Hospital And Othaim Head Office - Al Rabwah (One single room with bathroom and small kitchen eq)
Monday, November 28, 2022
  1. SAR 750/month, Furnished, Room Available For Executive Bachleor - Hara (Riyadh hara)
  2. SAR 500/month, ഇന്ത്യൻ / കേരള - (Exit 25-26 near jarirboostore)
  3. SAR 1200/month, 1 Room Available For Executive Boy, Punjabi Pakistani Prefred. - (Naseem exit 30 of Khurais road, Usama Ibn Zaid roa)
  4. SAR 700/month, Room Available For One Month, From 02-Dec-2022 To 05-Jan-2023 - Hara (BackSide of Shalimar)
  5. SAR 700/month, 1 Room Available In A 3bhk Apartment In Exit 9 Gharnatha, Next To Welcome Restaurant - (Gharnatha, Next to Welcome hotel)
  6. SAR 16000/year, Furnished, 45 Sq. Meter, Semi Furnished Room For (Pakistani/ Indian Muslims) - Hara (T-Shoes Al Wazarat)
  7. SAR 6000/year, Room For Rent For Filipino Couple/Bachelor Ready For Occupancy
  8. SAR 31256/month, 54 Sq. Meter, Room Available For Rent, 2 Bathroom, Sharing Kitchen Filipino Men Only - (2200 Abi Houzaifah, 7135، حي &#x)
  9. SAR 650/month, Rooms Available For Rent
    Al Naseem
    AL NAHDA near LULU MALL Khurais Road Riyadh
  10. SAR 10200/year, Room For Rent In AlRabie Behind The Kingdom Hospital - (AlRabie)
  11. SAR 650/month, Room Available For Rent
    Al Nadah
  12. SAR 33000/year, SAR 11000/year, Single Room, Bachelor Apartment 5500/6 Months For Single Room - (AN NARJIS opposite to Al arid, Riyadh)
  13. SAR 1/month, 1 Room With Separate Bathroom - Neat & Clean
    Al Iskan
    Askan Riyadh
  14. SAR 950/month, 20 Sq. Meter, SAR 950/month, 20 Sq. Meter, Sharing Room + All House Holds Like Fridge, Oven, Cookware, W - (Dabab street opp. chamber of commerce - Location: )
  15. SAR 600/month, Furnished, 16 Sq. Meter, One Furnished Room With Shared Kitchen & WC-Female Only. - Al Malaz (Near Care Hospital and National Security Hospital)
  16. SAR 650/month, 50 Sq. Meter, Room For Rent: Executive Bachelor Only - Umm Al Hamam
  17. SAR 3500/month, 1 Furnished Room - Hara (Near Kodak)
Sunday, November 27, 2022
  1. Room For Rent - Hara
  2. SAR 500/month, Single Room Available - (Riyadh - Azeeziyah)
  3. Room For Rent
  4. SAR 6400/year, One Room With Washroom On 3rd Floor - Hara (Hara opposite malaz restaurant.)
  5. SAR 1300/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished Room Available For Executive Bachelor
    Exit 8 near lulu
  6. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Single Room Is Available For Executive Bachelor In Family Building - (Hai Al Wizarat (MODA))
  7. SAR 2300/month, LOOKING FOR FILIPINO FLAT-MATE - (umm alhammam sharqia)
  8. SAR 350/month, Room For Rent In Family Building Behind STC Office, Hotat Sudair - (Hotat Sudair)
  9. SAR 1800/month, Executive Bed Space Available Hara Near Post Office Masjid Land Mark Safa Makkah Hospital - Hara (Back side:Post Office Masjid Land Mark Safa Makkah)
Saturday, November 26, 2022
  1. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Room For Rent Al Naseem Riyadh
  2. SAR 550/month, Furnished, One Furnished Room With Attached Toilet, Common Kitchen & Hall - Al Aziziyyah (Al Yamama - besides Bustan Medical Center)
  3. SAR 27506/month, Furnished, Room For Rent ( Kabayan Only ) - (Naseem near King Fahad National Guard Hospital)
  4. SAR 670/month, Furnished, 1 Bed-Space For Executive Bachelor Is Available (Pakistani OR Indian-Muslims)
    Exit-6 - Al Tawwun
  5. SAR 650/month, Bachelor Room - (Rawdah)
  6. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Furnished Big Room Available For Indian 1 OR 2 Bachelor Executive- Tshoe Meed Petrol Pump - Hara (Tshoe signal , Hara)
  7. SAR 3600/month, 3600 For 6 Months Room Available - (Riyadh Malaz)
  8. SAR 1000/month, Single Room For Monthly Rent - (Azizya Riyadh)
  9. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, 22 Sq. Meter, Fully Furnished Room For Rent
    Hara wazarat
Friday, November 25, 2022
  2. SAR 600/month, Neat And Clean Room Available For Rent In A Flat For A Bachlor. - Hara (Al wazarat Hara)
  3. SAR 4600/year, Room For Rent - (Saybawiyah st. Near khazzan al rawda park)
  4. Room For Rent (Filipino Bachelor Only) - Olaya (Abdullah Ibn Salamah St., Oleya, near Thalia St., )
  5. SAR 30006/month, Room Available Anytime 4 Rooms 1 Room With Attached Bathroom
    Back side marriot executive apartment al wizarat
  6. SAR 850/month, Furnished, Room Available For Rent In Furnished Apartment With Shared Kitchen & Washroom
    Dharat Laban
  7. SAR 1700/month, Furnished, 1 BHK Flat Available For Long Term For Executive Bachelors Or Family, Suleimaniyah Riyadh
    Riyadh Suleimaniyah
  8. SAR 917/month, Room For Rent Along Olaya St. Riyadh
  9. SAR 800/month, 12 Sq. Meter, Furnished Room For Rent For Executive Bachelor - Al Aziziyyah (Dar Al Baidah)
Thursday, November 24, 2022
  1. SAR 500/month, Furnished, 100 Sq. Meter, Furnished One Room Available , Wadhilaban Near Exit 33Trafic Department - (Wadhi Laban-Near Traffic Police station)
  2. SAR 6000/month, Room For Rent For Filipino Couple/Bachelor Ready For Occupancy
  3. SAR 700/month, A Room With All Facilites - (Jaradiyadh)
  4. SAR 700/month, 15 Sq. Meter, Room Avaialble In Family Apartment
  5. SAR 650/month, Furnished, Furnished Room For Rent In Azizia SAR.650 Per Month
    Al Aziziyyah
    Room for Rent in Azizia /SAR.650 per Month
Wednesday, November 23, 2022
  1. SAR 1/month, 28 Sq. Meter, Separate Big Room With Bathroom. - (Al Uraijah - Exit 28.)
  2. SAR 1500/month, Furnished, 1200 Sq. Feet, Indian Veg Room Available - Monthly Paid - 1500 SAR - 1st Dec Onwards - Hara (HARA , Murabba)
  3. SAR 750/month, Single Room Is Available In Family Flat - Hara (HARA AL RAJI BANK)
  4. SAR 375/month, RM Available ATM For Filipino Bachelor
    6654 Suwaid Ibn Zaid, Al Jaradiyah near Metro Rail
  5. SAR 2000/month, Offering 1 Bed Room In Olaya For 2k Sar Per Month In 2 Bhk Family Home - (Olaya)
  6. SAR 800/month, Furnished, 12 Sq. Meter, Furnished Room For Rent For Executive Bachelor - Al Aziziyyah (Dar Al Baidah)

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