Rooms for Rent Riyadh

  1. SAR 700/month, Single Room With Separate Washroom
    Riyadh Al yamama
  2. SAR 66/day, Fully Furnished SEPARATE Room For A Bachelor-Prefer IND/PAK Bachelor. - Hara (Hara, Riyadh)
  3. SAR 917/month, Bachelor Room Available For Decent Indians Or Pakistani
    Near Safa Mecca Hospital Opp Post Office Masjid La
  1. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, 1210 Sq. Feet, One Big Room Available For Executive Bachelor Male/Female Or Small Family
    Al wizarat. HARA
  2. SAR 1000/month, Room Available For Executive Bachelor
    Near Koyla Restaurant ( Old T shoes signal )
  1. SAR 1000/month, Rooms Available Near Kingdom Tower - (Room available near kingdom tower)
  2. SAR 1650/month, Executive Fully Furnished Room Next To MEDGULF
    Hara AL Wazarat
  3. SAR 1500/month, Executive Bachelor Room With Attached Bathroom Near UP Resturant In Rawda - (Rawda)
  4. SAR 1250/month, SAR 1250/month, Aqiq, Near Park, Studio Room Available For SINGLE Executive Bachelor ONLY
    Thahliya street, Al-Aqiq Exit-4 Near opposite Alda
  5. SAR 750/month, Furnished Room For 2 Months
    Al Mansourah
  1. SAR 1500/month, Furnished Room For Executive Bachelor
    Near Crown Plaza
  2. SAR 1000/month, Seprate Room For Rent
    Al Rimal Riyadh
  3. SAR 1400/month, Room For Rent 1500
    Riyadh al khaleej
  4. SAR 1000/month, Furnished Room For One Person Executive Bachelor - (Hayal AL Wazarat)
  5. SAR 1350/month, Furnished, Only Female Working Lady Separate Room Available - Sulai (Al Faiha close to exit 15)
  6. SAR 1250/month, Furnished, 140 Sq. Feet, Room For Executive Bachelor (furnished)
  7. SAR 1400/month, Furnished, 20 Sq. Feet, Room For Executive Bachelor (Single Person Only)
    Al Wizarat (Near Hara)
  8. SAR 1500/month, Gubaira Near Alfalah Hospital - (Gubaira Near Alfalah hospital)
  9. SAR 2500/month, Furnished, Al-Bathaa Near ABC Cargo - (Al-Bathaa Near ABC Cargo)
  10. SAR 18000/year, 1 Bedroom At Almalga Dist.
  11. SAR 750/month, Furnished, SAR 750/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished Single Room Avaialable For Single Executive Indi - Hara
  12. SAR 1400/month, Furnished, Executive Furnished Room For Rent (Malaz)
    Al Malaz
    Fatimah Al Zahraa St - IBN Abi Imran St (Walkable
  13. SAR 2500/month, Furnished Room For Executive Bachelor
    Olaya Behind Aloft Hotel
  14. SAR 1300/month, Furnished, A Big Clean Room Available For Single Executive Bachelor
    Hara, Near Ramada Hotel
  15. SAR 1000/month, 300 Sq. Meter, Fully Furnished Room Available For Executive Bachelor Only
    Al Suwaidi Near Qasr Mall
  1. SAR 1500/month, Furnished, SAR 1500/month, Furnished, Room For Bachelor - (SULAYMANIYAH AL ORUBA ROAD)
  2. SAR 750/month, Single Room For Single Person - Hara (HARA, RIYADH)
  3. Room Available From September 24 Exit5 Al Muruj Area Preferable Kerala Or Tamil Executive
  4. 1000 \SAR Room Available For Single Executive Bachelor Near Malaz Restaurant - Hara (HARA)
  5. SAR 250/month, I Have A Bed Spice - Al Batha (near c r b hospital shara darakther)
  6. SAR 1050/month, Furnished, Single Room For Rent In Al Wizarat (Hara) - Hara (Al Wizarat (Hara))
  7. SAR 1900/month, 1 Furnished Spacious Bed Room With Bathroom Available For Executive Bachelor
    Dabbab street
  8. SAR 1500/month, Single Room Available With Attached Separate Bathroom
    Hara, Near Quick Pay, Alrajhi Eshara
  9. SAR 1100/month, Furnished, Sar - 1100 Fully Furnished Room For Rent For Executives - (near to khurais road lulu mall, behind dana compou)
  10. SAR 11000/month, Furnished Room - Al Iskan (Al Kharj road Al Iskan near metro Station)
  11. SAR 750/month, Room For Bachelor In Family Building - Hara (HARA , Riyadh)
  12. SAR 750/month, Furnished, Room For Bachelor In Family Building - Hara (HARA , Riyadh)
  13. SAR 800/month, Family Building 1 Room Vacant For Bachelor
  14. SAR 1000/month, Single Room For Executive Bachelor
    Al Shemaysi
  15. SAR 1100/month, Fully Furnished Room For Bachelor - Al Iskan (Near Metro Bus Station Al Iskan Riyadh)
  16. SAR 1350/month, 13 Sq. Meter, Single Room Available - (Exit 13 Ring Road Rayyan)
  17. SAR 6500/year, Single Room Available For Mangalorean Or Kerala Muslim - (Suweidi - Near Qassr Mall)
  18. SAR 900/month, 100 Sq. Feet, Room / Bed Space Available For One Bachelor From August 15- Preferably Tamil Or Indian
    Al Rawdhah
    Ar Rimal
  19. SAR 1450/month, Furnished, 2 Sq. Meter, Sub Leting My Two Bed Room Apartment In Dakhil Mehdood Jubail - (Dakhil Mehood Near Ayesha Masjid)
  20. SAR 850/month, 25 Sq. Meter, Rooms For Rent -Bachelor's-850/SAR Per Month (3 Month Advance Need)
  21. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, 1 Medium Sized Room For One Person Executive Bachelor - Hara (Behind Al-Rajhi Ishara)
  22. SAR 1400/month, Single Room Available For Single Person
    Dahran street Malaz Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  23. SAR 1150/month, Furnished, One Furnished Bedroom For Rent For Executive Bachelor (Preferably Malayali Or Indian) - Al Rawdhah
  25. SAR 1600/month, Furnished, 15 Sq. Meter, Executive Room For Family Or Single! (Pakistani Preferred) - Hara (near T shoes, Hara, Riyadh)
  26. SAR 1300/month, Furnished, Executive Bachelor Room Available Fully Furnished 1300/month - (Ghurabhi street, near Villagio mall,Batha)
  27. SAR 1100/month, Furnished, 24 Sq. Meter, Executive Room For Rent - Hara (Near Lahori Khawaby)
  28. SAR 700/month, Single Room Only For One Executive Bachelor
  29. SAR 1200/month, Room Available For Executive Single Lady
    Al Malaz
    Malaz area
  30. SAR 1200/month, Furnished, Separate Rooms In A Family Flat Available For A Decent Bachelor Hai Al Ghaberah
  31. SAR 1100/month, Room Available For Executive Bachelors In Hara - Hara (Hara near Deccan sweets)
  32. SAR 675/month, Furnished, Room Available - Hara (The location is behind Wooden Bakery near King Abd)
  33. SAR 7000/year, Bedspace / Room Availbale In Olaya For Executive Bachelors
    Olaya Road, Near Al Haram Centre
  34. SAR 750/month, Furnished, 1 Room Near Deccan Sweets - Hara (hara near to Deccan sweets & Dewvan fast food cent)
  35. SAR 600/month, Furnished, Bedspace Available In An Apartment In Aqeeq Near To Boulevard And KAFD - Al Aqeeq (near to Boulevard)
  36. SAR 1800/month, Private Room Available - Non Furnished - (Riyadh - East Riyadh * Salman Alfarsi Street - Aln)
  37. SAR 1650/month, Room Available Family Apartments Furnished - (Exit 5 Sahafa district)
  38. SAR 1700/month, Furnished, Furnished Room Available For Bachelor Accommodation In A Three Room Apartment - Al Malaz (Near Security Forces Hospital Ad Dabbat Al Malaz.)
  39. SAR 1000/month, Room For Rent In Excellent Condition With AC On Ground Floor Family Flat (Indians Only)
    Hara Opp to Niagra hotel
  40. SAR 1700/month, Furnished, Single Male Bachelor Room
    Al Wizarat
  41. SAR 1250/month, Furnished, 1 Room Furnished For 1 Or 2 Person Including All Facilities - (Naseem Gharbi , near aljazeera hospital Riyadh)
  42. SAR 1500/month, SAR 1500/month, Available One Room In Apartment In Izdihar Near Nakheel Mall And Mcdonald'
  1. SAR 1500/month, Available One Room In Apartment In Izdihar Near Nakheel Mall And Mcdonald's For One Person
    in izdihar near al nakheel mall and mcdonald's ex
  2. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Furnished Room For Rent
    Riyadh Bathah Ghurabi
  3. SAR 1750/month, Furnished, 35 Sq. Meter, For Rent One Furnished Room Near ATYAF Mall Exit 10 Ishbiliah District.
    Riyadh- Ext. 10 Ishbiliyah District. Near ATYAF Ma
  4. SAR 1300/month, Furnished, 350 Sq. Meter, 1 Room In 4 BHK Flat
    Al Rawdhah
  5. SAR 1300/month, Furnished, 1 Room With Separate Bathroom
  6. SAR 3000/month, Single Room Available
  7. SAR 1600/month, Furnished Room With
    Al murabba
  8. SAR 1500/month, Big Neat/Clean Furnished Room For Executive Bachelor
    Back side marriot hotel [hara)
  9. SAR 1000/month, Offering A Family Room In The Naduwa Area For Only Sri Lankan Bachelor Girls/Families
    Al Naseem
    Near Panda and Othaim (Naduwa Area)
  10. SAR 1100/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished 1 Bed Room For Rent In Family Flat For Executive Bachelor
    Al Wizarat Near Marriott Hotel
  11. SAR 1600/month, Furnished, Executive Bachelor Room
    As Dhubbat Malaz
  12. SAR 7200/month, Furnished, 12 Sq. Meter, Bachelor Room With Bathroom Kitchen 7200 For 6 Month
    Al khaleej
  13. SAR 7000/month, Furnished, One Executive Bachelor Big Room Available For Rent(Hai Al Wazaraat, HARA, RIYADH) - Hara (Hai-AlWazarat, HARA, RIYADH)
  14. SAR 1600/month, Furnished, Furnished Single Room In 2 BHK For Bachelor Near Al Takhassousi Mc Donald's. Olaya.
    Al Takhassousi, Near Mc donald's
  15. SAR 1800/month, A Single Furnished Room Available In 2BHK Flat For A Decent Bachelor
    Al Malaz
  16. SAR 950/month, Furnished, Furnished Room With Double Bed Is Available - Al Batha
  17. SAR 6000/month, Furnished, No Hyderabadi. Single Separate Room Available For Indian Single Executive Bachelor
    Al-Wazarat near Asian food khazana
  18. SAR 1700/month, Furnished, 22 Sq. Meter, One Furnished Room With Furnished TV Lounge And Kitchen
    Al Sulaymaniyyah
    Talateen food street
  19. SAR 1250/month, Im Offering Single Bed Room (Bachelor)_Indian
  20. SAR 1000/month, 1000/Month Big Room Available With Separate Washroom For Single Executive Bachelor - (In front of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce Dabbab Stre)
  21. SAR 5994/month, Single Furnished Room Available For One Person Near “ANB-Atm” HARA.
    Single Furnished Room Available for One Person Nea
  22. SAR 1000/month, Bachelor Room Available - Hara (hara)
  23. SAR 4000/month, Executive Bachelor Room Furnished - Al Malqa
  24. SAR 1000/month, One Room With Separate Bathroom Available For Executive Bachelor - (Hai al wazarat, Murabbah)
  25. SAR 4000/month, Executive Bachelor Room Furnished. - Ad Diriyah (Diriyah)
  26. SAR 4000/month, Executive Bachelor Room Furnished.. - Al Aqeeq (Exit 4)
  27. SAR 4000/month, Furnished Executive Bachelor Room - King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD)
  28. SAR 1/month, Furnished, 330 Sq. Feet, An Excellent, Peaceful, Neat And Clean Room In Family Building Is Avialble For Rent - (Hy Alwazarat, Riyadh)
  29. SAR 41/day, Fully Furnished SHARING Room For Single Bachelor-Prefer IND/PAK. - Hara (Hara, Riyadh)
  30. SAR 100/day, ▃▅▇ Short/long Terms/sharing/separate Room Available Only For IND/PAK Bachelor. - Hara (Hara, Riyadh)
  31. Single Room Available - Ar Rayyan - Exit - 24 - Khurais Road - Near Soliman Habeeb Hospita - (Riyadh - Ar Rayyan - Khurais Road)
  32. SAR 5000/month, New Building Available One Big Room With Attached Washroom- Share Kitchen 6 Month 5000
    Haara Near Lahori khaba Daily Mart
  33. SAR 800/month, One Room Is Available For Bachelor
    behind kandi mandi hara

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