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Monday, May 17, 2021
  1. Potential Angel Investors Looking For Business Partners - Basel (Geneva, Zurich, Bern,)
  2. Private Equity Business Opportunities For Investors - Geneva (Zurich, Basel, Bern)
  3. Company Owners And Investors Partnerships - Bern (Basel, Zurich, Bern,)
  1. Joint Venture Partnership Businesses Looking For Investment Partners - Bern (Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Bern)
  2. Business Venture Investors Looking For Investment Opportunities - Geneva
  3. Switzerland Privately Owned Businesses And Companies Looking For Investors - Bern (Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Bern,)
  4. Investment & Business Owners In Swiss Looking For Investors For Partnership - Geneva
  5. Sole Proprietors Of Private Firms And Establishments Seeking Joint Venture Investors - Bern (Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Bern)
  6. Personal Company And Business Owners Looking For Partnerships With Investors - Geneva
  7. Medium And Small Production Factories In Switzerland Open To Investment For Expansion - Geneva
  8. Privately Owned Small Firms And Enterprises Seeking Partners - Basel (Basel, Zurich)
  9. Small And Medium Business Companies Looking For Investor Partners To Expand - Basel (Geneva,Zurich,Basel)
  1. Investors Looking For Partnership Business Opportunities - Geneva
  2. Join Venture Sponsors Seeking Educational And Vocational Institutions Open To Funding - Geneva
  3. Private Funding For Climate And Green Energy Projects - Geneva
  4. Top Business Opportunities In Swiss For Foreign Investors - Geneva
  5. For Serious Investors - Guaranteed Investment - Geneva
  6. Investment Opportunities - Geneva
  1. Company And Business Propriators Looking For Support Fundings - Geneva (Germany,Swiss,Holland)
  2. Business Opportunities In Europe Wanted By Investors And Sponsors - Zurich (Geneva,Zurich)
  3. Individual Owner Of Companies And Businesses Seeking Partnership Investors - Geneva
  4. Startups Funding And Angel Investors Seeking Profitable Businesses - Geneva

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