Am Sudanese Agricultural Engineer Looking For Job

Nationality: Sudanese.
Gander: Mail.
Date & place of Birth: 03 Jul 1971
Marital Status: Married and father for 4sons.
Email: [email protected]
Type of Visa: N/A.
Bachelor of Science with Honor Degree – Class III in Agricultural Sciences, College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Juba University, Sudan, in November 2001.
Research: A Comparison between Integrated Pest Management and Other Conventional Methods of Pest Control. Agriculture (Crop Science).College of Agricultural Science and Environmental Studies, Gedarif University, Sudan, in April 2012.
Research: Effect of Plant Densities on Growth and Yield of Two Sunflower Hybrids (Helianthus annuls L.) Under Rain-fed Conditions.
Plant Breeding, Crop Protection, Horticulture, Soil Science, Food Technology, Farm Management, Land Use, Environmental Studies, Mechanization, Rural Development- and Agricultural Economic.
Employment History:
Agricultural Research Corporation Plant Breeding since 2003 to date.
Gedarif University Collage of Agricultural Science and Environmental Studies 2022.
Member of Sudanese Agricultural Engineers Union since 2004.
Member of Gedarif State Agricultural Engineers Union since 2005.
Personal Skills:
Perfect English/ Arabic Language Skills.
Familiar to MS. Office applications (Word, Excel, Internet).
Good Communication Skills.
Ability to work in hard environment.
Patient, Motivated, Teamwork Capability.
Courses & Trainings:
Certificate of Introduction and Operation, Windows, Word, Excel and Internet Sudatel March 2000.
Certificate of Basic Security in the Field – UN, 2005.
Certificate in the Best use of Agricultural Lands and Equipment's in Sudan A.R.C.Sudan October 2017.
ready to join now