ARABIC tutor for all ages and levels, along with several dialects if requested, so if you are planning to learn Arabic; improve your current Arabic skills; or want your child/children to learn the language please contact me.

I teach whatever you wish whether standard and/or a dialect of Arabic.

Here are the Arabic dialects I know fluently:

Egyptian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Kuwaiti & the Gulf Countries, Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian, dialects.

I have extensive experience in teaching Arabic and have a flexible schedule, work with different ages from children till adults, my adult students passed Government Arabic Exam and got great jobs in different Government Agencies, since it's a highly demanded language these days.

If you need immediate assistance for a test or homework, translation and summary, I can work with you for short term as well and assist you within a very short notice.

If you have any question or concerns don't hesitate to email. Thank you./CALL/01225653949