First, it's about you!--your or your child's needs and motivation!

For me it's about facilitating motivation and the love for learning. I savor the challenge and fulfillment in teaching you or your child as a unique Individual--which means understanding and communicating well - and enjoyably - with the student, with patience, as we learn the material and critically think, speak, write, express!

- - - -

Iam a teacher of English & ESL, as well as a teacher in related Arts Education means very much to me, because, with a well-educated populace, we have a more interesting and healthier society ~ and world!

(A comprehensive ad here - for a vast subject area: English! Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Literature, Oral Interpretation, ESL (English as a Second Language for foreigners), An overview of how I teach--with caring consideration for each student's uniqueness, CALL/01093945508