Online sessions for females and professionals
IELTS training
First of all, let us have a short overview about our professional training and techniques. We provide professionally training for IELTS, TOEFL, STEPS, PET and PTE in which we emphasis on exam focused practice and provide specific techniques to get higher and desired score in exam. Therefore, under our training, there are many students who passed their IELTS with band 7.0, 7.5 and 8.0
Firstly, we start some short review of English grammar and common mistakes which usually candidates do in the exam and then start teaching from the writing task initially.
Course Outline:
First of all, we begin the most important and time taking skill that is an "Essay Writing". Then we move to the "Letter Writing/Report Writing which is 1st Task of IELTS Writing. As everybody knows in IELTS exam, writing is always considered the most difficult task. So, we begin from essay writing which is actually task 2 but we start first because it is two third of IELTS writing after this we move to the task 1 letter/report writing.
After a comprehensive discussion of writing we start "Reading Skill". In reading skills we discuss about some special techniques such as "SKIMMING and SCANNING". It enables the student to manage his/her time according to the task.
Some people argue that there is no need for any special technique for listening so I completely differ with this statement.
After completion of reading stuff, we focus on "Listening Skill" with listening techniques. On top of this, we provide variety of tested practice material to enhance the ability of listener.
Finally, we spend very reasonable time on "Speaking Skill" to prepare a proper introduction of candidate by using range of vocabulary and grammar to build confidence of IELTS candidate.
Class procedure:
We conduct these sessions for 3 days a week (60 minutes per session) and 2 days at weekends (90 minutes per session) according to the student's need. There is an advantage for student to make proper practice with lessons that's why we have one day session next day off for practice.
Timings and cost:
There are flexible timings for classes. Most probably these sessions are conducted in the evening due to the professional candidate’s availability (3:00pm-11:00pm). The cost of this 4 weeks complete training is just 1200 Riyal.
**Material free of cost**
We provide all related material including notes, exercises, practices and books with audios free of cost.
**ONLINE sessions (an extra advantage for distant students)
We have specially designed these IELTS Training sessions for professionals and females to take conveniently ONLINE TRAINING to save their precious time and money but remember these online session are also one-on-one with tutor.
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