Kavya Trainings is a leading SAP Online Training Provider located in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA have the best Trained and Experienced Consultants on place and having more than 10 years of experience and providing training on SAP Public Sector –Collections and Disbursements (PSCD) Module – Tax and Revenue Management Module
The Objective of this training is to explain the scope of tax-specific business processes and describe and configure the key processes within the SAP Tax and Revenue Management Solution
Some of the concepts that will be covered in the training include Understanding and Executing Different Registration Processes, Processing and Amending Tax Submissions, Work Lists and Tax work Items, Managing tax payer inquiries, Processing tax objects, Defining the rules through a business rules engine, Billing and Invoicing, Defining and Designing Forms, Business rule Framework, Dunning and Collections, Work list Management, Taxpayer registration etc.
We offer the best quality, affordable SAP Training on PSCD-Tax and Revenue Management Module which will help to kick start their flying careers in the SAP world.
We offer Customized Training programs that are designed to match the unique which are delivered by our experienced trainers and we assist the candidates in providing excellent training and the best study material with lot of real time configuration documentation.
The mode of training is quite simple. We use Webex/Gotomeeting for providing online training. Training duration is 2 months and will be approximately 50 to 60 hours of training.
Those who wish to Enroll for this course for SAP PSCD-TRM module and for further information, please contact us through email to [email protected]
We also provide training on other ERP Modules such as FI, CO, TRM, FSCM, SAP Funds and Grants Management as well.
We are also providing Remote Freelance Support Services at a very affordable and economical price and for further details, contact us
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