If you are on a tight schedule, dislike traffic, or have a lot on your plate then you should Learn Arabic with Mohammed. This is your chance to study at your place with a flexible professional teacher with large experience.
Study Arabic with an expert in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers he has a long experience in teaching as he teach to a number of diplomats in various embassies, such as the Embassy of Japan, Denmark, India, Tanzania, Korea, Brazil and Turkey in Egypt, he is also qualified scientifically where he has a master's degree in Arabic grammar and now he is at PhD in linguistics, In addition, he wrote 11 books in Arabic grammar and linguistics and Koranic studies

Note: If you want to try to study with the Instructor, the Instructor presents a Session for the experience if you do not like to study with him do not pay anything and if you like pay for it in the next Session
Mohamed El Kinany
Tel: 01281329728