Epoxy Floor Protection Coating Painting Works ( Commercial & Industrial )

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Epoxy Floor Protection Coating Painting Works ( Commercial, Industrial & Residential )

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Epoxy flooring is a floor that is strong, durable and easily maintained. Traditionally, epoxy floors are installed in garages, carports and warehouses. They are highly durable floors that are made to handle heavy machinery and oil spills.

Bradenton epoxy flooring is a surface that is made up of multiple layers of epoxy that is applied to the floor to a depth of two millimeters. The thickness of the coating differentiates an actual epoxy floor from just an epoxy coating.

While all epoxy is applied to your existing concrete slab, a thin coat can be added just for appearances sakes, or an entire depth can be added to stabilize the flooring. Epoxy coating is a great choice for your house because it works similar to your kitchen countertops. Drops of oil, chemicals and waters wipe away from the surface with ease just like they do in your kitchen.

Epoxy Floor is available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes. This can make epoxy coating the right choice in applications for appearance, durability and chemical resistance.


We are doing All Types of Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Works

Floor Grinding
Epoxy Wall Filling
Epoxy Floor Filling
Epoxy Primer Works
Epoxy Sealer Works
Epoxy PU Top Coat.
Epoxy Natural Concrete Finish Works
Epoxy WB Airfield & Road Marking
Epoxy MT
Epoxy HT + Anti Slip
Epoxy Screed
Epoxy Anti Microbial HT
3D Effect Epoxy Floors
Epoxy Metalic Floors
Epoxy Resin Floors

Please Call for Site Appointments :
Mobile : 3 9 6 6 1 0 9 5