ccupational English Test (OET) course in Cairo for healthcare professionals who are looking to register and practise in an English-speaking environment. Effective and professional preparation for the OET test is to help you achieve your highest possible score. Knowing how to approach the test, including essential test strategies, skills and the appropriate background knowledge.
Different areas to focus on, including but not limited to:
Overall task fulfilment, Appropriateness of language, Comprehension of stimulus, Control of linguistic features (grammar and cohesion, Control of presentation features (spelling, punctuation and layout).
I am a Professional American/Egyptian Certified expatriate lecturer, Graduated from Roxbury College, MA, USA. I have been helping IELTS and OET learners for many years to become aware of both tests requirements, presenting details about the format of the test and help learner develop the examination skills necessary for success by offering Full, Extensive or Flash Practice Course in all parts OET, for all medical professionals.

OET educational materials will be provided, including but not limited to:
- Format and information about each module.
- Tips/tricks for all parts.
- Myriad of practice videos and audio.
- Ongoing evaluation and practice.
- Most common mistakes to avoid in all sub-tests.
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