Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal

Laser Machine for Hair Removal for Women.

Please check the product details and reviews on Amazon. This should answer all your questions.

As you may read a Brand new machine has 30,000 Flash Bulbs.

It has been used only been used 2/3 times therefore still has many more uses left before replacement will be required.
But just in case for you to be aware about the replacement cartridge of flash bulbs, this is the link from it can be ordered and has the cost:

The price of the new machine as you can see on Amazon is $344 and when you will proceed and select delivery to Bahrain you will have a delivery fee of $30.92 which makes it total approximately to $375 (BHD 142).

Selling it for only BHD 30

Please email me with a contact number if interested in buying this machine.
All information is provided to you above.

Can deliver it anywhere in Bahrain.