📚 📒Tuition from 1 to 10th grade📕📓

📚Tuition available from 1 to 10th grade for all curriculum near Oasis Mall and Casino Garden area Muharraq.

🎓Experienced and qualified​ teacher available who knows psychology of students and modern teaching methods to educate

📝Commitment and dedication for the future of precious students.

💯📋Hard work and guarantee of 100 % in results in exams and test.

🔓🔑ndividual attention on weak students and usage of experience and skills to increase personal and mental caliber.

👨👧Discount in fee charges for kins.

🔠🔢Pre school training is also being provided in morning timing.

📕🎈All Educational and fun activities are present for kids.

📓📜Syllabus and stationary will be free for Pre nursary coaching.