I have tutored several Math, Stats & Physics courses in the last20 years. This academic semester, I am available for help in Middle and High School, College, and IGCSE/SAT/GCSE/SECONDARY/PRIMARY/PREP SCHOOLS/ACT/IB/GMAT/GRE/MTEL-level Mathematics, High School and College-level Statistics and High School-level Physics .

Tutoring Experience:
Geometry (Euclidean & Coordinate), Introduction to Proofs, Symbolic Logic, Precalculus (including Trigonometry), Calculus (Differential, Integral, Business), Multivariable Calculus, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math - Combinatorics& Graph Theory, Probability & Statistics, Differential Equations, Stochastic Processes, Number Theory, Middle and High School/ISEE/SSAT/ACT/SAT-level Math, GRE/GMAT/MTEL-level and Actuarial-level Math, High School-level Physics, Biostatistics, and even a little Control Theory and Signal Processing.call/01023483384