Professional and Legal Certified Translation Office

Located in Al Murooj District - Near Saudi Arabian Airlines Headquarters, Menshaf Certified Translation Office prides itself on providing accurate, timely and certified translation services to individuals and companies in Saudi Arabia.
We translate certificates, degrees, company registration certificates, RFPs, BOQs, contracts at a competitive price. We also translate technical data sheets, financial reports, annual reports etc for multinational companies operating in Saudi Arabia.
LANGUAGES: We translate major world languages including but not limited to French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Indonesian, and Sinhalese at a competitive price.
ASSOCIATED SERVICES: Interpretation, Dubbing, proofreading, typing huge quantities.
CONTACT ME: For further details send us an email(Professional.translator [email protected]) or call Zafar Bari 00966-508405081