Assalam O Alaikum,

You are kindly requested to read below all information completely, before you call.

Very auspicious, well maintained, very neat & clean apartment (having 3 rooms + 1 lounge + open American kitchen + 2 toilets) at prime location of Azizia-Jeddah (opposite to Grand mosque/masjid, park / garden and walking track), building has their own maintenance team (like plumbers, electricians, tile installers and carpenters) and the building owner is very cooperative in term to maintain the building apartments.
As you all of aware that in Azizia all buildings you have to pay below mentioned charges but, you don't need pay these expenses in this apartment building and they are including in this apartment rent.

_ as you aware that in Azizia, building haris askingSAR 100 – 150 water charges per month and also in some buildings now water meter has been started but, in this building you do not need to pay this amount even single riyal as its owner responsibility and it will written also in your agreement / contract that owner will pay for any kind of water charges, so you will save this money every month, if you will get apartment in this building.

_Electricity bill on average reach to SAR 300-400 per month as it’s became expensive nowadays but, in this apartment the rent is already included electricity (whatever bill come the owner will pay it). So you do not need to pay the electricity bill even single riyal as its owner responsibility and it will written also in the agreement/contract, so you will save this money every month, if you will get apartment in this building.

_most building haris conditions that you must wash your car from the building haris which he is charging SAR 100 per month but, in this building there is NO condition and if you do not want to wash your car from this building haris; you will save this amount if you do not wash your car.

_ Biyara charges SAR 100 in many buildings, but in this building there is no bayara charges and its also totally owner responsibility, you will save this monthly money.

_ Its normal practice that building haris asking SAR 500 for key handover when you take key of your appartment (after signing of the contract / agreement) from haris you have to pay extra amount around SAR 500 but, in this building its not mandatory to pay for key handover to building haris and they are very cooperative.

_ Kitchen cabinets already installed by this building owner, so you will save the money approx SAR 1,000 , as well.

_ one more very important point which is very normal practice if you like any apartment and you want to close the deal, people say you have to purchase their old house hold items (most times garbage, which you through after buying that and pay also money for through away) and also paying for apartment paint/ color etc, which will cost you extra SAR 3,000 to SAR 4,000, But in this apartment, you do not need to purchase garbage items for any single riyal item or pay for paint / color, again you are saving money approx SAR 3,000 – SAR 4,000.

_on average for the above mentioned expenses and if you calculate yearly it’s around SAR 6,000 but, in this building no need to pay anything monthly for above mentioned expenses and you will save around SAR 500 (monthly electricity bill+ monthly usage water charge + monthly bayara charges + monthly car wash and many others etc....) per month if you take this apartment and if you total the saving is around SAR 6,000 (SAR 500 x 12 Months) if you live in this apartment.

_ when you will take apartment and start living, and God forbid, if you have some financial issue / delay in your salary from your company etc the owner of this building is also cooperative just discuss with owner, he will support you, in order to give you some additional time periods

_ Since I have direct good relationship with building owner, I can do further favor for you, if you pay one year payment as lump sum / one time, there is a chance that you will further discount (means you will save further money which off course its handsome amount for you). If you pay for 6 months rent, I will also discuss with building owner to give you some time period free.

Excellent Facilities of the building location: This apartment rent including “Electricity and Water “, this building 2 minutes by walk to Pakistani International School – Azizia, this building have 3 lift / elevators facility and Opposite to grand mosque / masjid, / walking track / Park, beautiful view, excellent ventilation and sun lights), this building has many security cameras for your security / benefits. This building has most Pakistanis and Indians residents. This building most ideal location / heart of Azizia because 2-3 minutes by walk places like Red Chillies / Taxes Grill/ Tea Point / Dukan / Salt & Paper, Royal Taj, Pizza Hut Jameel, Nirala, Kababish, Fine Sizzling , Fine Grill, Hardees, Yasim Store and other grocery shops, tandoor, Laundry Shop, meat / chicken, vegetables & fruit market, Sabaeeen /Arbaeen / Sahafa/ Tahliya Road and if you want to go Makkah & Madina, the busses (door to door) only 2 minutes by walk.
most school busses are coming in this buildings for the pick and drop of many schools like PISJ School (Rehab), Al Waha International School, DPS School, Indian Schools and also Qari Sahib and different tutors are coming to giving tuitions for the childrens and the Madarsa (for children and ladies) for Hifz Quran or learning Quran is also 2 minutes walk away only.

Now come to rent, the rent earlier was SAR 32,000 and gradually owner reduce till SAR 22,000 (and trust me, the old residents are still paying between SAR 24,000 to SAR 26,000) and there will be also chance that owner will reduce the rent in future, due to current situation.

As I mentioned above if you take this apartment with rent SAR 22,000 – (minus) SAR 6,000 (as I mentioned other monthly expenses SAR 500 per month which are including in this rent) = this apartment will cost you SAR 16,000 per year and again if you pay for one year, will try to get further discount so the net rent actually you will pay for SAR 15,000 to 16,000 for 3 bedrooms + 1 lounge + 1 american open kitchen (with installed cabinets by owner) + 2 toilets, I bet you will NOT find such super class beautiful, neat, clean and cheapest rent apartment /at prime location, in anywhere.

For Family Benefits: One more important and your benefit point which is up to your wish, if you want to sublet / give one room on rent which is nowadays SAR 900 per month x 12 months = SAR 10,800 so, SAR 15,000 – SAR 10,800 (for annual single room sublet) = SAR 5,200 (so the rent you will pay actually SAR 5,200 per year for two big rooms + 1 hall + American kitchen) and if you pay one year rent means further chance to get further discount so now net rent and you will not find such deal.

For Bachelor Benefits: Only decent and educated Bachelors are also, allow to take this apartment and live (who have valid ID/documents)

Last point, since few apartments remaining only therefore, I personally advise you to grab this golden opportunity (to avoid regret to miss this apartment), please bring your valid Iqama copy, rent amount for either 6 months / one year / 4 months rent / can be pay on monthly basis (de