Megger Swg1750c + Digiphone Plus (LV & MV Cable Fault Locator ) 03 Sets


megger SWG1750c +Digiphone plus lv& MV cable fault locator 03sets available exstock subject to prior sale

Following are the testing instruments available Ex-Stock Subject to prior sale & also for rent :
VCM100D oil test set calibration meter /oil test set digital voltage checker
DCM305e earth leakage clamp meter
4015A kyoritsu earth tester
Megger 230315 Dielectric Test Set, 3kVAC, 120VAC, 50/60HZ, 10ft Leads, Analog Meters,
3125A 5kv kyoritsu insulation tester
Easyloc megger cable locator /tracer/detector
FLM 700DX Marker Locator sebakmt ,germany
Easylocator GPR
Coax Clarifier™ Coax Tester Test, Map, Profile and Qualify "Dark" Coax Cable Networks
DC Hipot Test Set, KPG 110kVss
VLF 60kv( very low frequency ) Test Set
Megger OTS60PB auto portable oil test set
LTW325 Megger loop impedance meter
Megger MIT515 ,MIT525 & MIT520 5kv Insulation Tester
Li ion battery for MIT525 1002-552
Megger TDS NT 60-P Set Consists of TDS 60 Plus, PDS 60, PD calibrator,laptop and SW licence with 3 dongles
Socket tester MST210 Megger
Cable Fault locator LV & MV SFX 32
Surge Wave Generator SWG 500
Burn down set 15kv T22 13B
cable testing and fault location services
sheath testing and fault location services
hy-alerta 500 handheld hydrogen leak detector
water leak detector SEBAKMT Hydrolux HL50 BT available exstock
vscan cable locator
sitemaster available on rental basis
American brand various sizes drill bits
TDR 900 megger
Digiflexcom sebakmt Megger
Explosion Proof Drop Light (Hand Lamp) with inline transformer - 230VAC to 24VAC OR 24VDC
275HVD non contact voltage detector with hot stick
PRM-100 phase rotation tester HD electric USA
mini 05 current clamp chauvin arnoux
Megger 3Ph TTR
MFM10 sheath tester and fault locator
Megger CB-832-230 Circuit Breaker and Overload Relay Test Set
Fluke 336 & 337 AC/DC clamp meter
T272 High Resistance Cable Fault Locator TDR Time Domain Reflectometer / Cable Test
AEMC CA7024TDR Cable Length Meter & Fault Locator Fault Mapper
TDR 900
cable locator megger easyloc Rx/Tx , Vloc pro2 , vscan & amprobe AT35000
Ground Penetrating Radar RD1100 & lmx200
Cable pulling machine with printer 10 ton ( available on rent also)
cable pulling machine with printer 5 ton ( available on rent also)
Glass Fibre Rods 300m 500m & etc
oil dielectric strength tester/BDV tester 60/75/80/100kv
Voltage & continuity tester
Variable DC supply 40Amps
EMT Zero waste SF6 infra red 6 gas analyser
15 Ton cable drum trailer Bagela,Germany & Local
DET4 Series4-Terminal Earth/Ground Resistance and Soil Resistivity Testers
DET3TC , DET4TC2 , DET4TCR2 with clamps & et pro kit
CA6423 Digital Earth Tester
Hioki Multifunction Tester
Hioki Power quality Analyser
Chauvin Arnoux , France Earth Clamp tester CA6415
CA745 voltage tester
Fluke 337 1000A AC/DC clamp meter
Fluke 336 600A AC/DC clamp meter
ETCR 7000A large caliber leakage clamp meter
Chauvin Arnoux,France 1kv, 5kv, 10kv Insulation Tester
Multi gas detector altair , 3m, honeywell )
Chauvin Arnoux , France 1kv Insulation Tester
Multi gas detector altair , 3m, honeywell
Raytech 50 Amps &100Amps Transformer Winding Resistance Meter
Ibeko power AB 60Amps RMO60TC winding resistance meter
Raytech TRMARK III 3Ph Transformer Turns Ratio Meter
Primary current injection test set
circuit breaker analyser CAT 64 DV POWER
5kv insulation Tester 3125A Kyoritsu MIT 515 Megger, CA6547 Chauvin Arnoux/AEMC , MI3200 Metrel
10KV insulation tester MIT1025 ,CA6550
3Phase Phantom load
Yokogawa wheatstone bridge
5kv 40mA ac/dc Hipot Tester
PCITS primary current injection 2000amps
CT Analyser ct/vt test set
Hydraulic Crimping tool and cutter
200A Digital Microhmmeter
partial discharge tester
Phase Testers
Water leak detectors
Electrical Tool Kits
Cable height meter
iron loss tester
Motor & phase rotation tester 6609 chauvin arnoux
GE DRUCK, DPI 615 - 30G, Pressure Calibrator, Pressure Range : 0-30Psi (2Bar),
Multipro 2000 electrical safety analyser
Other instruments depends on the availability.

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