You can do auditing and accounting if you choose to keep Auditor and Change the name of the company you want it also.
Interested in doing Value Added Tax Consultancy Services! Come on! There is a potential opportunity to grab work due to legal implication and earn money.

A Single Person Company, expatriate owned company with a Capital of BD 50000/-(Bahraini Dinar Fifty Thousand only) established in 2012 is readily available for the sale in Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain is the fastest growing economy in the GCC with a steady growth of 3.9%.

100% foreign ownership is allowed in most sectors and your business will enjoy 30% – 40% lower operating costs on average, compared to our regional neighbors.

Bahrain is the perfect destination for the expansion of your business within the GCC since it is dynamic, cosmopolitan, modern, liberal, and driven by a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Bahrain has a warm, welcoming society that’s relaxed and friendly in nature.

It has been ranked as the number 1 expat destination globally to live and work in.

The company can provide technical consulting services in the following area

Conducting studies for raising the quality and productivity of the organization

Management of any companies including design and implementation of organization structure and ways to operate and manage any the business activity in the organization

Conducting feasibility, technical and commercial studies for any size of new projects

Design and implement the complete financial system of the company and decide proper assignments and authorities of each in the organization chart

The provision of advice, guidance and operational assistance to strategic and organizational planning; decision areas that are financial in nature; marketing objectives and policies; human resource policies, practices and planning; production scheduling and control planning.

An operational assistance to businesses and the public service regarding:
Public relations and communication

Design of accounting methods or procedures, cost accounting programmes, budgetary control procedures

Advice and help to businesses and public services in planning, organization, efficiency and control, management information etc.

This include other marketing/ promotion activities such as

Marketing discount cards
- Marketing of Local products globally
- Promotion of foreign products in local market
- Distribution of promotion of trial samples
- Operation of show cars
- Management and rental of road furniture for the advertisement purposes
- Provision of time-share exchange services
- Sale of holidays in tourist resorts worldwide

This include professional, scientific and technical activities

For example, this activity includes but not limited to:
- Business brokerage activities, i.e. arranging for the purchase and sale of small and medium-sized businesses, including professional practices, but not including real estate or insurance brokerage
- Patent brokerage activities (arranging for the purchase and sale of patents)
- Bill auditing and freight rate information
- Weather forecasting activities
- Other technical activities
- Time-share units

This include environmental consulting services

The company is approved for Electronic Fund Transfer, Directorate of Treasury, under Ministry of Finance, Kingdom of Bahrain so that you can do all governmental, semi-governmental and BAPCO, ALBA and GPIC related projects under the CR. To do any work with you need to be minimum 5 years of existence in Bahrain with the capital value of minimum BD 20,000/- especially with banks. So, we meet this requirement. This is advantage to buy this CR and you can do your name transfer later under your brand or own company name as it is to be approved by ministry of industry and commerce.

The company has estimated worthiness of market value around BD 350,000/- (Bahraini Dinars Three Hundred Fifty Thousand only). Our Sale Value is BD 400,000/- (Bahraini Dinars Four Hundred Thousand only), approximately 1,061,148.80 United States Dollar as on 6/12/2018. The currency rate differs from date to date.

Those who are interested to park the investment in a safe and beneficial way, it is right time and place to do so for enjoyment and pleasure!

Interested parties who are serious in flourishing business in the less tax heaven with a great potential for enjoyment and leisure for entertainment, sharing, growth and cultural exchange are welcome to meet us on [email protected] or whatsup or phone call +973 33340335.