Are you finding that tending your garden to create your ideal landscape is becoming more difficult due to increased working commitments, a new family member, or advancing age? For more than two decades, Amico had the privilege of providing gardening services throughout the Eastern Suburbs and in Double Bay. We pride ourselves on providing speedy, effective and trustworthy services to our customers.

Our ability to adapt to a wide range of sizes and different types of spaces means we’ll transform your office landscape or your home’s small garden with no problems. Our skilled horticulturalists are highly flexible and able to fulfil any gardening need.

We are dedicated to ensuring our expert gardening services encapsulate every kind of maintenance and development you might require. Whether you need general cleaning or soil revitalization, pest control or rubbish removal, our skilled horticultural services can help achieve your garden goals.

No matter what gardening services in Double Bay you need, we can achieve your dreams for you just call us at 1300 427 336 and visit us at for more information about our services.
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