Imagine if you are a part of the biggest company in Canada or Australia. And you are entitled to get all their benefits. These are the lists of the benefits that you might get.

Benefits of Living in Canada/Australia for PR Visa:

- Free Medical Insurance for you and your whole family
- Free Children's Education
- Only 25% fee for University Education. 75% Gov't will pay for you and your whole family
- Free Pension Plan
- Free unemployment benefits
- Free kids upbringing benefits
- You can earn 3-4 times higher than the Gulf region
- You can work with any employer (No contract)
- You can start your own business without any restriction
- Can change Canadian passport citizenship after successful completion of 3 years


- At least a Bachelor's Degree
- 25 to 48 years of age
- With a minimum of 3 years of working experience

Contact Person:

Name: Fereshto K. Andong
Position: Consultant Representative
Mobile #: 0570946037 / 0546410169
Email: [email protected]