Urgent: Seeking Pious Marriage Alliance

Indian Hyderabadi Sunni Muslim, Religious & Well Educated family urgently invites alliance for their daughter:

Qualification : Msc; Complexion: Very Fair, Masha'Allah; Age : Sep-1987, Height : 5.6'' ,

The girl is religious, with Islamic mind set, believes practices and propagates Islam as complete system/ code of life, based on Qura'an, Sunnah and tradition of Sahaba RA. Alhamdulillah free from Shirk/Bidah/Unislamic Traditions.

We are seeking Pious Sunni Muslim (UNMARRIED) Hyderabadi, Religious, Well settled in INDIA or ABROAD GROOM, who are away from SHIRK AND BIDDA'H.

Interested Parents/Guardians can call on +91 9296200863; 966555613014;
WhatsApp on +91 9848435837

May Allah (swt) Help us in finding the pious spouse for our loved ones...Aameen.

Note :(Already Married or divorced & Nationality other than INDIANS, Please Excuse)

Jaza'kallahu qair,