How to apply for PR Visa in Canada/Australia and what are those privileges that you might get??


The entire processes from the time of retaining services until getting Visa are in eight stages:

1. Apply for Process.
2. Federal & PNP Application
3. Expression of Interest Stage
4. Invitation Received
5. Applying for PR Application Stage
6. Medical Stage
7. Landing Paper Stage
8. Visa Permanent Residency

We provide you with both Pre-Landing and Post-Landing services:

Pre-Landing Services
1. Administer detailed assessment of the Applicant’s education (academic & professional), professional skills/training & work experience for Permanent Residency in Canada.
2. Advising clients on immigration laws in force & any subsequent changes thereof & advising on any subsequent conditions applicable to meet the selection criteria.
3. Filing the case for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) file number.
4. Preparing the resume according to Canadian Standard & format.
5. Preparing your profile for PNP Programs
6. Uploading PNP Profiles.
7. Filing EOI (Expression of Interest).
8. Uploading profile in Job sites Canada to remain eligible for the Canadian Job offers.
9. Promotion of applicants in various job sites by professional job developers & recruiters.
10. Handle all correspondence with the processing visa office pertaining to the client’s case & intimate the requirements sent by processing the visa office during the process of immigration case.
11. Provide multi-stage counseling to the clients at various stages like on receipt of file number, medicals, landing papers & on other immigration-related matters as and when required.

We provide counseling and orientation on all the above stages.
 IPC (Interview Preparatory Course) would be provided if in case you are called for an interview at the High Commission.
 ERC (Employment Readiness Course) would be provided just after the Medical Stage and prior to your departure to Canada.

Post-Landing Services
 Client's case Overseas Assessment / Endorsement, Settlement & Placement Assistance
 Overseas Assessment / Endorsement Services:
 Assessment and Evaluation of education from Educational Bodies
 Assessment and Evaluation of professional skills from Professional Bodies
 Assessment and Evaluation of training and experience for permanent residence in Canada or Canadian Settlement services.
 Advising Client on immigration laws in force at the time.
 Handling all visa correspondence with the visa post pertaining through its associates to the Client's case (in case filing happens in a foreign visa post)
 Final endorsement of Client's credentials

Settlement Services
 Free pick up from the air port
 Priority in booking a welcome house at very economical rates as compared to the market rates
 Guidance in covering the following aspects
 Development of Soft Skills
 Development of Interpersonal skills
 Development of Listening skills
 Handling change
 Skills assessments
 Development of transferable skills
 Resumes, choosing a resume format, resume checklists
 Cover letters
 Types and formats of cover letters
 Handling Interviews
 Types of Interviews
 Interview planning and research
 Interview FAQ's and answers
 Labor Market research
 Why do research
 Importance of Computer skills in the Canadian Job market
 Sources of Job leads in Canada
 Overview of these countries
 Canadian Tax System
 Child and Social Welfare
 Traveling: Within the city- Various transportation modes intercity traveling in buses, tickets, tokens, Transfers, different types of Passes, their use etc.
 How to read a map, the bus/train routes and how to follow directions.
 Using your Bank account / Debit/ATM cards ATMs
 Credit Card usage / Credit Rating Issues
 Government Card and its importance
 Canadian Healthcare Walk-in clinics and hospitals; Instructions on how to use them
 Where to buy telephone calling cards
 Driving License
 Searching for Accommodation, how to go about the same.
 Types of Accommodation available, Documents required for renting
 How to get a phone connection
 How to buy a mobile phone its importance in your life
 Buying a computer branded and non-branded
 Internet- Importance and various Internet Service Providers
 Where to get Employment news, Careers etc.
 Major English/language newspapers and how to order for them
 Child Education system in Canada, Various kinds of schools/Applying for your child's admission
 Various Grocery and Department stores
 Religious places close to our Welcome Homes and other places
 Various community centers close to Welcome homes and other places
 Various public libraries located close to our welcome homes and other places
 Usage of "911" Emergency Importance and Caution.

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