BHD 430 - STORE, WORKSHOP, FOOD Units rent in Hidd. 121, 190, 360, 450 square meter. Call 39044943

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Modern WAREHOUSES and WORKSHOPS near Hidd Seaport and other locations.

• Shed sizes are at: 121 Square Meters, 190 Sq. Meters, 360 Sq. Meters 450 Sq. Meters, 623 square meters, and 820 Sq. Meter and large warehouses near SEAPORT

• Special warehouses are available for FOOD Store and Production. Best rent offer.

(Large storage spaces and workshops renting @ BHD 2.600 to BHD 2.750 per square meters per month).

Ready for CR. Option for OFFICE. 24 Hrs Securities with CCTV.

(Other Properties: Workshops, Open Land, Land with Shed, Light Industry space RENT and SALE, Food processing space rent, Office spaces for rent)

Direct customer call to:

Sam, Telephone (+973) 390 449 43

Email :
1. [email protected]

2. [email protected]