Guitar Lessons - Learn to Play Guitar Step-by-Step from Beginner to Advanced Level

Hi, My name is Ahmed and I'm 22 years old. I've been playing guitar since childhood (when I was

like 8) and I'm really passionate about it ever since.

I'm offering guitar lessons for those who are seeking an opportunity to learn how to play the


You will learn many things such as:

- Chords that will allow you to play nearly any song
- Music Theory
- How to Tune your Guitar
- Strumming Patterns
- How to Shift Chords properly
- Guitar Exercises
- How to read Guitar Tabs (guitar music sheet)
- Fingerstyle Techniques.....and much much more.

Contact me on Whatsapp to discuss timings and the date on which you can start!


- A standard guitar
- A commitment to practice daily for about 10 - 20 mins
- You don't need any prior knowledge about Guitars or Music theory to start with

Instructor language: English & Urdu