Food Safety Training and Consultation for Restaurants&Food Establishments

Our Food Safety training courses are designed to teach your employees the important hygiene and safety requirements that are mandatory to safely handle, prepare, and serve food.

Knowledge is power! Educating food handlers on the importance of hygiene practices is essential to the success of your business. We know that each one of your food handlers is capable of supporting you in delivering the safest food in town.

we provide your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to safely handle food. We take pride in connecting with all levels of food handlers, providing them with the knowledge they need to avoid food poisoning, cross-contamination, and many other potentially dangerous food handling cases.

Each course provides attendees with up-to-date food hygiene information using a range of written text, and video content to guarantee your employees thoroughly understand their Food Safety responsibilities.

Why Us!
• Meet both local and international standards
• Are available in various languages - English,Arabic,Hindi,Malayalam for all levels of skill and educational backgrounds, to include materials for those employees who cannot read or write
• Are administered by professional certified trainers who possess the on-the-job experience to be applied in practical situations
• Help safeguard your professional and business reputation
• Support your organization in maintaining the highest quality food standards
• Teach employees how to avoid wastage while increasing productivity and profitability