PROJEXEL is a Consulting and Project Management firm started and run by Professionals who have similar work experience in Gulf. Our team of Engineers specializes in Project / Construction Management of a Commercial cum residential complexes, Site development works and Infrastructure works.
Our scope of services which ensure successful completion of the project is described below:
1. Select and Liaise with Architect and Design firm to prepare the building plans (Cost of such firm/firms shall be borne by the Owner)
2. Liaise for the submission of plans and their approval from GHMC (Cost such as fees, Commissions etc shall be borne by the Owner)
3. Appoint a suitable Demolition contractor to carry out the demolition works of the existing works (The owner shall enter into a contract with such firm himself)
1. Appoint a Surveyor to carry out the site survey works, setting out of building layout on the ground, Column marking and giving levels during construction. We shall liaise with th surveyor to ensure that he carries out the works as per the construction schedule. (The fees/cost off the surveyor shall be borne by the Owner)

2. Select and appoint a building contractor/sub-contractors to carry out building works in consultation with the owner, negotiate the working, payment terms and conditions, supervise the work of the appointed contractor, ensure that steady progress is made, evaluate his work, validate his work for progress payment as per the agreed contract.

3. Aid the building owner in selecting proper materials and supplier, subcontractor to ensure that the quality of construction is maintained, work is being executed as per the agreed schedule and the material delivered is as per the specifications and quantity ordered/ The sub-contractor is carrying out his works as per project requirement. (The Owner shall agree upon the prices and payment terms with the supplier/sub-contractor and pay him directly after PROJEXEL certifies that his supply/sub-contracted work meets the project requirement.)

4. Liaise with the various Govt. agencies such as TSSPDCL, HMWS&SB, to get the required service connections. (The owner shall pay all the expenses including commissions to the agencies to get such connections)

1. Liaise with the GHMC to get the final completion and Occupancy certificate and get clearance from them for periodic inspections. ( The Owner shall pay for the commissions and fees as applicable for the above certificates)