27 - Looking for a religious and educated groom


We’re looking for a suitable groom for our youngest sister.
She is 27, 5’3 height , very fair beautiful and very religious MashaAllah. She has studied BTech, MTech from Shadan women’s college of engineering. She is a humble, polite and intelligent girl Alhamdulillah and enthusiastic towards learning deen and implementing it in our daily lives . She is helpful, friendly and respectful with elders and young alike . She is not interested in working after marriage but likes to do volunteering for the sake of Allah.

We are looking for a boy age 27-33, educated and religious with a good job . Our family doesn’t believe in visiting dargah or any shirk or biddah . We’re looking for like minded , educated , religious and decent families InshaAllah

Please send biodata and pictures to:
[email protected]

JazaakAllah Khair