In search of a passionate individual for financial support in setting up a 'Cloud kitchen' in Mumbai / Pune.

I have over 25 years of overall experience in HR/Business operations and have always been drawn to the food industry from my early years. Started and managed a restaurant (in my home town) from the age of 15-18 - not too successfully as you can imagine); moved to Mumbai and worked with some large corporates till about 3 years ago.

The passion for food drove me out of the corporate environment and into setting up and managing a restaurant in Pune in partnership with a close friend. This venture is successful and was profitable within 12 months of operations.

I have an idea to set up a cloud kitchen focusing on minimal wastage; lean operations and leveraging the power of digital (both direct and indirect) for sales.

Investment needed - 20L INR upfront with another 10L INR in six months' time.
Equity offered: 33%.

Alternatively we can work on a debt - revenue share - equity model (10% of revenue till the debt is paid off in full); 10% equity after that.

best for the rest.