“Dear Parents attention beware read carefully for your child future beware with home based afternoon & evening schools”
NOTE :- Please note I am not against of home based afternoon / evening school, but I don’t want to small kids base education gets damage because of some teachers personal benefits
Making money from you, and making fool to you
Please read and understood and educate to your friends also
I have seen many adds for afternoon and evening shifts for home based Pre-school / Kender Garten / Play school
They just want to make money, making you fools, playing with your sentiments
Please try to understand we want to make sure our kids education base must be strong, but we are doing mistake, like we are giving them wrong directions, sending them wrong time to school, always for small kid morning shifts are preferable
But, some home base teacher are misguiding to parents for self-benefits, asking them to send kids to home based school to afternoon / evening at hours, Just to make money, they are playing with child education / careers
In fact they are sending they own kids to schools on morning hours, and they asking you to send your kids in afternoon and evening shifts, just to make money from you.
Can you ask to those teachers who suggest you for afternoon and evening shifts have they sending they own kids to school in afternoon or evening shifts?
For those students ,who is already going school in morning hours, and they are weak in studies, sending them tuitions in evening time that is ok, but those who is not going to school must you must send them morning hours
Just to make money from you and making you fool, they are giving excuses; saying that you will get more rest in morning hours, now in this RAMADAN also one excuse they will give you.
I believe no parents want to rest on the cost of child education
Please careful with those teachers and inform to your friends and relatives also