Radiology Technologist (Any Nationality)

Performs Radiology exams and Fluoroscopic procedures on patients of all ages. Maintains patients' safety.


Performs general radiology, portable, and fluoroscopic procedures (GIs, GUs, pediatrics, arthrograms, spine center).
Produces images of optimal quality for interpretation with accuracy and without delay.
Maintains documentation requirements to ensure that all technical data is entered timely and accurately.
Notifies management and takes proper action to address equipment malfunctions.
Educates patients regarding procedures, equipment, and exam to ensure understanding and cooperation.
Ensures patients' comfort and safety during and after the exam.
Assists with scheduling patient procedures.
Monitors and determines the priority of patients.
Demonstrates care and operation of Radiology equipment according to technical specifications and applications.
Assists Radiologist with fluoroscopic, GU, GI, and pediatric procedures.
Acquires, archives, transmits, and prints images via PACS.
Capable of after-hours transmission of images and appropriate paperwork.
Reports immediately any malfunctions to help desk and PACS Administrator.
Processes billing via RIS.
Provides instruction and mentoring to new hires and Radiology students.
Continually strives to learn new technical information and skills through attendance of periodic in-service programs and participation in professional affiliation sessions.
Potentially rotates through all diagnostic imaging modalities, sites and/or locations.
Other duties as assigned.