Hello Guys this Guy is a fraud who is mentally ill and will make you waste your time, let me tell you the story i am looking for an apartment on rent of 2 rooms, and i found his add i will attach the picture and number here, i contacted him and asked for the loaction on whatsapp he was replying too late and then i went to see the apartment it was a nice villa where he was living and he was looking for a pakistani family to live on first floor consists of 2 rooms, and i am from pakistan so i talked to him and saw the apartment it was nice i told him i am okay with the rent cost, i was alone with my brother i told him tomorrow i wil bring my family he agreed, but then he blocked me from everywhere whatsapp , call and after 2 days he again posted the add i thought there will be some kind of issue so better i go there his house with my family, so today i was fasting i went there with my family he was washing his villa floor.. when i talked to him , hello brother why you were not picking my call what happened he abusively took me out and closed the door my family was waiting outside and i fell so ashamed, i really want you to please do what you can his abusive behaviour broked my heart, stay away from him..
this is his number

Riyadh, Apartments/Flats/Houses, SAR 14000 / year - 2 BR - Fraud, Spam ALERT!   ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR