• A one- to two-page executive summary to optimize the recipient’s first impression, accurately summarizing the business plan
• Proprietary optimal strategies and benchmarks
• The most compelling, accurate description of your business model; what your company does; products and services
• Your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
• A precise definition of the unique solutions that your products and services provide
• A comprehensive justification of the capital required to reach your strategic objectives
• A thorough description of your company’s development stage
• A breakdown of the categories and profiles of your customers and prospective customers
• An optimal description of your marketing and sales strategies

• Your contingency plans to best deal with threats and weaknesses
• Comprehensive secondary market and industry research
• An all-inclusive analysis of your current and potential competitors
• The factors that differentiate your products and services from your competitors
• Your company’s durable competitive advantage
• A comprehensive presentation of your management team, including why your company has the right team for the project
• Detailed financial projections to best demonstrate the durability and profitability of your company
• A realistic demonstration of the return on capital investment for investors
• Appendices, and more