* 2.5 month old Female Cat
* Turkish Angora / Persian Mix Breed
* Responds to the name "Lizzy"
* Litter Trained
* Very active, and extremely loving ♡
* Price includes:
1. Litter Box
2. Food Bowl
3. 10kg American Litter
4. Cat transportation Box
5. 1.4kg Friskies Cat Food (dry)

Reason of selling: I'm leaving for a remote site for 5-6 months, and instead of arranging a sitter for her for such a long time, I feel it is better if she finds a new home, full of love and warmth for her, because she deserves it. I love her, and I'd like her to have loving people around her.

Please note that the price is NON-NEGOTIABLE, as it hardly covers my expense. I just want to find a happy home for Lizzy. Please contact on WHATSAPP ONLY.
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