Deep Breakfast 003 - José Soberanes

José’s is an experimental sound artist, recordist and a self-taught composer based in Tula, Hidalgo MX. Working in the field of ambient / minimal noise, and his compositions explores the balance between electronics and random environmental sounds, using acoustic and electronic processed sources and field recordings.

He participated at many spaces, projects and live concerts sorrounded by different artists around the world, such as: Pablo Reche, Juan José Calarco, David Escallón, Alma Laprida, Malcolm Delaney, Israel and Diego Martínez, Mauricio Sotelo (PCCL), Darren McClure, Pepo Galán, Toby Driver, Pavesa, Sarmen Armond among many others. He has also participated in different curated projects and performances at museums, galleries and cultural venues in Argentina, Panama, UK and Mexico. He has also collaborated in record labels such as: Shimmering moods, Whitelab recs, Ediciones ÉTER , WOS, Abolipop / Suplex, Voragine, Dronarivm, FAINT, ACR, Transvection LTD among many more.


1 - David Escallón - En el corazón de la máquina
2 - Lü - Madrugada
3 - Andrea Belfi - Statico
4 - Darren McClure & José Soberanes - Granite
5 - Bioluminik - Espejismos
6 - Kiiote - Pipiolo
7 - Josh Mason - Amulet
8 - Tomotsugu Nakamura - Monologue
9 - José Soberanes - Tricoma
10 - Mabe Fratti - La mitad de lo que dije
11 - Kj - Dawyn
12 - Strïe - 87 billion suns

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