CineGlobe international film festival at CERN

The CineGlobe International Film Festival at CERN returns for its 9th edition on 3-7 July 2019! Exploring the interface between science and cinema, this year’s festival theme is “Transformation/Transcendence”: will transformations in science and technology be enough for humanity to overcome its challenges on a global scale, or will we have to transcend ourselves and redefine the very meaning of our existence? With specially-selected short films (documentary, fiction and a special youth programme), feature-length films, hands-on robotics & photography workshops and drop-in activities and immersive experiences suitable for all ages, there’s something for everyone. The programme runs non-stop from midday to midnight every day, with a 10am start on Saturday and Sunday. Feeling peckish? A café will be available with a lunch and dinner meal service as well as refreshments throughout the festival. The entire event is free of charge; sign-up is only required for weekend workshops. For more information, visit our website and find us on social media.