Set Up E-Commerce Business with a USA Business LLC, Bank Account, USA Pay palGateway

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Open Yourself a US Business License which is a USA LLC and Get also A USA Pay pal Business Payment gateway To Sell Your Products To The Whole World - Why and How you can do that ? For More EXPLANATION For E-Commerce Entrepreneurs - Please visit this link to know more how we do it for you, ok -

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Below are the things which we will get you and the cost of it are below, if you want to hire us and do it for you, let us know by email or by calling us on our any of the contact numbers provided below, thank you.
A USA Business L.L.C for You with all facilities below as follows:

COST = Saudi Riyal SAR 20,625/- (OR) INR Rupees 3,72,000/- (OR) US Dollar $5,500/-

1. Registered Agent with One of the best states in U.S.A.
**One year Registered Agent Services Free – included in the package for the first year – The Registered agent is a requirement for you by the law of USA, They will be assigned on behalf of you to take care of the business mail receiving etc. from the state department.
2. Certificate of Formation/ Articles of Organization includes your name and your business name.
3. Statement Of Organizer – Our Manager will apply to state for your business on your behalf and relieve themselves stating that you are the owner of the business and they then sign then sign the document and apply to the concerned state on behalf of you are the owner of the business.
4. Your Business LLC Operating Agreement of the Company.
5. Business Tax Id/ E.I.N. Number – In an Expedited Way and get it with in maximum of 21 days, other ways which can take up to 27 to 45 days Maximum.
6. Business Contact Templates – 25+Unique Business contact templates written by a best U.S. Attorney, its high quality legal documents written by business attorney to help aid in keeping your business contractually protected.
7. Banking Resolution – The Banking Resolution is adopted by the members to authorize the opening of a bank account and it also designates who has the signature authority for the bank account.
8. Platinum Business Kit – Professional binder enclosed in a matching slip case, customised with the name of your company on the insert. It includes a metal die-cast corporate embossing seal, customized with the name of your company as well as the date and state of formation.
9. Business bank account opening in USA for your L.L.C in one of the best banks we will try with our best efforts. – Also will be provided All Banking log in details for your US Business Account of Your LLC.
10. Business Bank Account Debit card. Couriered to your address international by D.H.L/ Fed Ex/ UPS. – Courier Charges Included in the business set up package.
11. USA Dual Sim card With a EU Phone Number: First Year fully paid by us
Works almost in more than 200 countries for proper compatibility The Sim card is particularly useful to work for USA Bank Log in SMS Verification code purposes which you will have to have for receiving any text message or for cross verification with the US Banks for your business account management and also required for your Pay pal USA Business Account Log in and Verification Codes
12. A Second best USA Number for your calls to the whole world:
First Year Fully paid by us.
Which will be very cheap for you more than your local calls, you can call with this number as like a local to a USA/ Canadian Number and to the whole world
13. A U.S. 1800/ 1888/ 1866/ 1833 Toll Free Number:
Paid for the first full year, this is required for your business to maintain to use as your own office customer service number
Includes 400+ Roll over Add on credit minutes each month for ONE full year for incoming and outgoing calls and local calls to US and Canada.
14. A U.S. Business Address – Physical Address + P.O. Box Number
Paid by us for the first full year
15. A Superb Virtual Private Network Connection for ONE Full Year paid by us – REQUIRED For use to log in to your USA Bank Account and Pay pal USA Payment gateway has a USA IP Address, Works in 160 Countries
16. U.S.D $100/- deposit:
17. A USA Smart Phone provided in the package of this business, works all over the world
18. Sales Permit Letter
19. AND MUCH MORE ....

Note: Failure to comply of not having your business license/ sales permit before transacting your selling operations of your products etc., can land your business in heavy fines through state and or federal govt.

What are the Recurring Charges every year or every month with respect to your business LLC maintenance in U.S.A. if the services are provided by us as above?


Registered Agent Yearly Fees – US $ 45/-
USA DUAL SIM CARD Maintenance – US $50/- or can be less from coming year.
US Sim another Number – US $12/- Per year to maintain your USA phone number + US $20/- for 2000 Roll Over credits which can be used in the whole year once purchased
US 1800 – Toll Free Number = US $108/- Per Year
USA Business Bank Account Maintenance = US $ 14/- Per month if the balance on your account is less than US $5000/-
Best VPN Connection for your USA bank and payment gateway log in = US $ 95/- Per Year
USA Business Address = US $ 120/- or less from Next Year and I will try to get it more minimised.
Yearly Franchise Tax – Flat Rate US $ 300/- (For one of the best states we open your LLC, Other States Fee's Varies for Franchise Tax)

Please also note that the yearly Recurring Charges for your USA Business LLC maintenance you shall have to pay directly with the concerned parties by yourself the next year – that is a year later, as the first year services are fully paid by us.

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