Quran & Arabic Grammer Tuition Available.

AsSalamu Alikum!

1. Experienced & well trained teacher to teach.
2. Special care and attention on each student.
3. Learn the proper, Quranic pronunciation include, Harakat, (Diacretics); Symbols of Sujud; (Prostration).
4. Background information of Surahs.

My Qualifications:
Master of Arts in Arabic from IUB & Bachelor in Arabic, Arabic studies from Jamiah Imam Islamia,

If you want you & your child to:

• become Arabic Speaking,
• become Arabic Reading,
• become Arabic Writing,
• become Arabic Listening & Understanding,
• become Arabic Recitation of Holy Quran,
• become ....

Nine great benefits of reciting the Quran:

1 - Reading and reflecting over the Qur’an fulfils an Islamic duty.
2 - The Qur’an will be a proof for us on the Day of Judgment.
3 - The Qur’an will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment.
4 - Your status in this life will be raised.
5 - You will be from the best of the people.
6 - There are ten rewards for each letter you recite from the Qur’an.
7 - The reciters of the Qur’an will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels.
8 - Your position in Paradise is determined by the amount of Qur’an you memorize in this life!
9 - The Qur’an will lead you to Paradise!

The Holy Prophet said:

1) The best of you is he who learnt the Holy Quran and taught it to others. (Bukhari).
2) Undoubtedly, the heart gets rusted like metal gets rusted when water goes over it. The People asked, "How can they [hearts] be cleaned." The Prophet replied, "To remember death in abundance and to recite the Holy Quran." (Mishkat).
3) That chest which does not have any Quran in it is like an abandoned house. (Tirmizi, Darmi).
4) Whoever read the Quran and memorized it and belived its' Halal to be Halal and its Haram to be Haram [i.e., accepted it commandments of Halal and Haraam], Allah will accept the intercession for such 10 people on from him whom Hell had already become Wajib. (Tirmizi, Ibn-e-Majah).
5) Whoever is an expert in reciting the Holy Quran is with the Kiraman Katebeen and whoever reads the Quran with pauses and it is difficult for him, that is, his tounge does not move easily and he recites with difficutly for him there are two rewards. (Bahar-e-Shariat)
To reflect upon the verses of Allaah is a form of worship; it is something that will draw one close to ALLAH, Most High. This reflection is not a reckless and wandering one, rather, it includes a study of the classical Tafseer (exegesis) of the verses being pondered over. ALLAH, Most High, Says in the Quran (what means): "Then do they not reflect upon the Quran? If it had been from [any] other than ALLAH, they would have found within it much contradiction." [Quran: 4:82].

Reading and Reflecting Over the Quran Fulfils an Islamic Duty:

The Quran will be a Proof for or against Us on the Day of Judgement.
The Quran will Intercede for Us on the Day of Judgement.
The Quran Raises One's Status in this Life.
The People of the Quran are from Best of People.
‘Uthmaan said that the Prophet said: “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others.” [Al-Bukhaari].
The Quran Leads to Paradise
The Quran states (what means): "Indeed the Quran guides to that which is most suitable and gives good tidings to the believers who do righteous deeds that they will have a great reward." [Quran: 17:9].

7 Reasons 2 read the Quran:

(1) Intimate:…
(2) Incorruptible:…
(3) Unsurpassable:…
(4) Indisputable:…
(5) Your Roadmap for Life and Afterlife:…
(6) God's Gift of Guidance:…
(7) Your Calling Card to Communicate with Good:…

Tuition will remain During Summer Vacation.
I will attend 3 or 4 days in week, from Sunday to Wednesday, In Sha ALLAH.

Please call me on:

Cell: 0554263907(Abou AbdurRehman).