This specific buisness model require investment for setup only and in return gives lifetime income. Pls check some details here in below
1. Startup/setup cost including running cost for 1 year - min. INR 10 lacs/INR 1Mn/USD 15,000
2. Net profit by main product - INR 10 lacs/1Mn/USD 15000
3. Net profit by Byproducts - INR 40-50 lacs/INR 4-5 Mn/USD 60-75,000
5. Total Net Profit (2+3) - INR 50-60 lacs/INR 5-6 Mn/USD 75-90,000

=> Apart from above mentioned profit the setup and stock remain in our hand for next production
* After a year there would be planned expansions in some different locations of India.
* The products would be exported to middle east and supply to some big clients in India.

Kindly note that serious investors contact me, time passers stay away.

Call/whatsapp +919987780088