Dear All:

Data Science and AI jobs are the highest paid jobs in KSA with Aramco, STC, Mobily, Ericsson, Nokia and SABIC all seeking data scientists. There is an additional untapped market of freelancing with Toptal, CodementorX and paying 200SAR per hour to data scientists on freelance projects.

While the demand outpaces the supply, all the data science jobs require strong skills in programming. Python, SQL and R programming are the top three skills demanded by firms hiring data scientists.

About your trainer:

I am a professional trainer and data science coach offering one-on-one lessons over Skype or Zoom. I have 13+ years of professional experience working as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Ericsson, Nokia and Telenor across seven countries. Data Science is my passion and I have successfully helped professionals and out of work engineers pivot and transition their professional career.

Learn by doing:

The course follows the latest OBE model of transferring knowledge; with minimum of technical jargon and complex theory, and maximum focus on projects. I have experienced people learn more by doing, and my style of teaching gives you experience on 12 practical projects.
Delivery method:

The delivery method is one-on-one lessons online. This is done to maximize your success according to your unique learning curve and schedule. There are no recorded lectures to bore you with and I do not watch the clock while teaching. These lessons are delivered at a timing and pace of your choice. You may cover the course in one month or four months, it’s all your choice.

Outcome of the course:

By completing this course, you would be an ideal candidate for data analyst jobs or junior data scientist roles. You would also be able to freelance on highly paid portals such as Toptal, CodementorX and FiverrPro.

Data Science Course:

This “Programming 4 Data Science” course is followed by a hands-on course on Data Science. Those who attend this programming course get 3000SAR discount in the data science course.


The only pre-requisite is average English language skills as the course is delivered in English. As this is a one-on-one course, any other pre-requisite is covered separately, free of charge.
Course Investment: The financial investment is SAR 10,000 only. There is 1000 SAR discount for paying via bitcoin and there’s additional 2000 SAR discount for ladies.

Given the length of course, you would require 100 hours of efforts to complete the course. You would be able to recover your investment in first two months of your job.

Contact: [email protected]

Course Outline:

This course is divided into four parts.

 Version Control
 Python
 R

Brief course content:

 Version Control

o Overview of git vocabulary
o Create your first git repo
o Clone an existing repo
o Git commit history log
o Add commits to a repo
o Using git diff
o Tagging, branching, merging
o Undoing changes

1. Project : Attracting recruiters with your GitHub profile

 Python

o Python micro containers (list, tuple, dictionary, set)
o Python functional programming
2. Project: Building a scheduler to give reminders

o Python design cosiderations
o Loop vs recursion
o Choosing the optimal micro container
3. Project: Analyzing your laptop to free up space/ rename files and folders
o Python containers (data series, data frames)

4. Project: Performing weather/temperature analysis from public data

o Python and Object-Oriented Programming
o Deep dive into objects and classes
o Inheritance, polymorphism and composition
o Python libraries numpy and pandas

5. Project: Designing a profanity checker

6. Project: Performs popularity analysis of baby names from public data

o Exception handling in Python
o Exception hierarchy venues

o Using Python to parse XML and JSON

7. Scrapping Foursquare website using API

o Data Visualization in Python
o Python libraries matplotlib and Seaborn
o Python library Bokeh for interactive visualization
8. Stanford Open policing Project Dataset:: Gender bias analysis


o SQL Basics: select, from, where
o SQL Joins: Inner join, left join
o SQL Aggregations: Count, sum, min, max
o Subquery and temp table
o Data Cleaning with SQL
o Window function
o Integrating SQL with Python: Python db-API
o Normalized design

9. Project: EDA on European Soccer database

 R Programming

o Introduction to R: syntax and data structure
o EDA using R on Facebook Data
o Base Graphics and ggplot2
o Stripplots, histograms, scatterplots, Contour plots,
o qqplot
o EDA on one, two, three variable
o Missing Data Analysis (MCAD, MAR)
o Detecting outliers

10. Project:: Diamond Price prediction

o Working with geospatial data
o Basic plotting with ggmap
11. Project: Making a world’s population map using polygon data

o Raster Data and Color
o Coordinate reference system and converting from one CRS/projection to another
o Data import
12. Project: Plotting median income on map
o Wrap up and interview preparation