Manal Technology has created a set of very useful ready to use Tally add-Ons which are not part of standard features of Tally.ERP9.

A world-class product provides features and functionalities that apply to the general and masses, but there are thousands of needs that are typical and applicable to certain business, not related to most. Tally has provided a mechanism to customize & add to the software.

Over years, we have deal with ā€œNā€ number of companies for understanding their needs & customized software for them.

Out of the various developments, we have identified certain repetitive ones which remained popular & adopted & appreciated by many. Our expert team has personally handpicked this customization, standardized it & converted into ready to use Tally add-Ons in Saudi Arabia.

With Add-ons an administrator will get the rights to check Party Previous Balance, Import Masters from Excel, Voucher Approval, Hide ledger in Invoice, Ledger Alter History and much more.

Approve the entries done by users will only affect in the books of accounts. The unapproved vouchers will not affect. Keep a track on vouchers being posted in books of accounts through an approval.

You can assign different types of vouchers with specific approval limits to different approval authorities. This solution also supports vouchers checking before the receipt approval process.

The owner can also silently monitor the opening balance, the name of the ledger and group changes. Tally Add-Ons helps you to provide Financial Health Report for your business. User can search all the details of features including VAT returns.

For more information on Tally.ERP9 Add-Ons in Saudi Arabia, please contact us on 00966-583117703 or log on to the website at
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