I'm Tamara Tourist Guide and Operator from Tbilisi Georgia. I'm fluent in English, Russian sign language, German ( Deutsch ), Greece Language and Georgian ( kartvelian ) Languages. Past couple of years I'm successfully organizing tours for visitors in Georgia, We believe in providing transparent, secured, affordable and most satisfied services.

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We give full freedom to our customers where they can choose from;

1 ) They can directly arrive in Georgia by booking their own flight and hotel reservations and we will manage entire tour from a solo traveler to the group of 40 people the quote will be provided once the confirmation received.

2 ) You may book your flight tickets and we can assist you to book good hotels and tour will be managed by us, quote for the same will be provided by us upon request.

3 ) Upon special request we may provide quote for complete package. But we believe in providing most affordable services.

Visit Georgia before it’s too late

Even if there are more and more tourists visiting Georgia each year (it was on the fourth place of the UNWTO’s 2018 list of fastest growing tourism destinations) the country still is a bit undiscovered. While most of the tourists focus on the highlights and visit Georgia in the summer time you should travel there in the off season when everything is much calmer and nicer.
Reasons to visit Georgia

• Georgian food is the best
• Beautiful, diverse landscape
• Long and turbulent history
• Excellent wine
• Hospitable people
• Vibrant cities
• Interesting abandoned spaces
• Great Soviet architecture: concrete + mosaics
• The hipster place to be
• Perfect adventure destination
• Interesting monuments
• Religion
• Georgia is safe
• Affordable prices

Thank you for your valuable time and we believe you will give the opportunity to us to serve you. for contact in middle east please contact your social partner Jai. +97366930590 you can also email us your inquiries on [email protected]