Spoken Arabic Classes Available! (Online Lessons Are Also Available)


I'm an experienced Arabic tutor with a 3 year diploma in Arabic language from the Umm-ul-Qura University, Makkah.I am a teacher by profession and taught 10 years in Gharnatah International School Jeddah, Rehab district.I am TESOL qualified and M.A.Urdu. Besides Spoken Arabic I am also teaching some students Quranic Arabic and Arabic grammar.

Teaching Spoken Arabic is not that easy. It needs teaching experience, certification and frequent interaction with native Arabs. You will find many books on Formal Arabic (FUSHA) but you would rarely find books on Spoken Arabic (AAMMIYA). There is almost nothing available online, via YouTube etc.To help students who want to learn Spoken (Informal) Arabic, I compiled a book. This book is useful for someone who really wants to understand and speak like native Arabs. I spent a long time to form Spoken Arabic courses.

For a long time, I have been giving tutorials to foreigners. I was asked by a few Pakistanis and Indians to teach in a group. They said they couldn't, like foreigners, afford the fee. In Ramadan I formed the first group. ALHAMDULILLAH! NOW FOUR GROUPS ARE COMPLETING THE SPOKEN ARABIC COURSE SUCCESSFULLY. I AM NOW PLANNING ON FORMING A FIFTH GROUP. PLEASE RECORD YOUR NAME IF YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED.