BHD 13 / Water Proofing Paint

This mail in sent by Tariq Faqeeh Engineering SPC who are mainly into Construction, Real Estate and General Trade who intend to be dealers in Water Proofing Paint with below specifications:

Description: A high quality Water Proofing coating based on very special copolymer resin.

Characteristics: A single pack, easy to apply coating provides excellent flexibility, durability and renders very good water proofing characteristics to the surface. It is ideal coating system that can buffer cracks and internal walls can also be well protected from water seepages.

Product Data
Colour: White, others on special orders
Recommended Film Thickness: 280 microns dft from 490 microns wet
Average: 1.8 – 0.90 spm per liter

Coverage Application Details
Application: By brush, roller, airless spray or towel
Method Thinning:Fresh water if required
Application Technique: Apply first coat with material diluted 1:1 by water to seal pores. Apply minimum 2 coats without dilution keeping sufficient time gap between the coats to achieve a coating of recommended thickness.

Remarks: Water Proofing is a 20 years guarantee for protection of your properties whether it may by on roof top or on toilet floor.

Now, the sale price is BD 13.000 per tin of 20 kgs Water Proofing paint and can be ordered with minimum quantity of 10 tins per order. For trial basis, the order could be below 10 also.

Contact : Zuhair Ahmad on 38933525